Dec 28, 2020
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Maxim Galkin announced his mini-film “Remote control” about online education

14:24, 28.12.

The premiere will take place tomorrow on the comedian’s YouTube channel.

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The popularity of Maxim Galkin continues to grow every year. By the age of 44, Alla Pugacheva’s husband managed to take part in the shows “Smehopanorama”, “Full House”, “Tonight”, “Best of All” and other projects on television. The artist also starred in the TV series “Kings Can Do Everything”, and before the coronavirus pandemic he traveled throughout the country with concerts. However, the star is not going to stop there. Two weeks ago Maxim Galkin created a YouTube channel. Today, the comedian announced his mini-film “Remote Control” about online education, which will premiere tomorrow on his channel.

In his microblog on Instagram, Maxim Galkin published a fragment of a mini-film in which he played all the roles. In the video, the comedian appeared in six different characters. According to Galkin, the plot is based on real events. So, a mini-film tells about the difficulties of training in quarantine, where Galkin ridicules youth slang and modern bloggers. By the way, in just two weeks about eight thousand people subscribed to the channel of Alla Pugacheva’s husband.

“I have a small premiere on my YouTube channel tomorrow (Link in the profile header and in the story). Mini-film “Remote control” based on online learning. Here’s a snippet, and the whole sketch will be available tomorrow on my channel. Subscribe now to my channel using the link in the profile header so that you don’t miss anything tomorrow, “Galkin wrote (the author’s spelling and punctuation are hereinafter given without changes – Prim. line.).

Maxim Galkin announced his mini-film “Remote control” about online education

It is worth noting that Maxim Galkin postponed the creation of his own video blog for a long time, but later in his microblog on Instagram said that he still decided to do it: “Guys, I finally did what I had been planning to do for a long time – I registered my YouTube channel. There will be so many cool things: new vidos – funny, humorous … Sketches from my life, if it is interesting. In general, the coolest things will be on my YouTube channel. “

Despite the fact that Maxim Galkin created his channel only today, he is not a newbie on the YouTube platform. For a year now, the artist has been conducting the Musicality program. During the show, artists from different generations evaluate contemporary music. Along with the stars, casual passers-by become the heroes of the project, and in the final of the show a rating of the best compositions is formed. Lev Leshchenko, Philip Kirkorov, Nadezhda Babkina, Grigory Leps, Dzhigan and other artists have already taken part in Musicality.

Show “Musicality” with Alla Pugacheva and Basta

Alla Pugacheva became one of the brightest participants in the Musicality program – the audience expected her most of all. “In previous episodes you wrote that everything is bad, the tracks are paid for, the guests are paid for, there are no new faces. I declare responsibly: everything is so. Therefore, to my left, the person who got into this show by acquaintance is Basta. And on the right is the person who got into this show through the bed – Alla Pugacheva, ”joked Maxim Galkin.

Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva

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