Jan 11, 2021
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Maxim Galkin admitted that he did not have enough New Year holidays

06:57, 01/11/2021

The 44-year-old showman expressed regret that the holidays are over.

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The family of Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva spent all New Year’s holidays at home, in the village of Gryaz near Moscow. On New Year’s Eve, the 71-year-old actress and her 44-year-old husband received guests in the castle. Valentin Yudashkin and his wife, Igor Nikolaev and Yulia Proskuryakova and other friends of the spouses came to spend 2020 to the star couple.

But on Christmas, Galkin and Pugacheva decided to get out on their own. Celebrities celebrated a bright holiday with old friends Alexandra and Go dostman… The Yudashkin family and Alexander Buinov were also present at the celebration. As expected, ten days of rest for the showman was not enough to enjoy the well-deserved idleness and communication with family and friends. In his microblog on Instagram, he wrote that on the eve of working Monday, he had an aftertaste of something unfinished.

“Eh, the holidays are over! This is always a feeling: it seems like they walked, walked, but somehow they did not walk. Although they ate too much. And what is your New Year’s aftertaste? ” – admitted Galkin (spelling and punctuation of the author are given without changes – Noteed.).

Maxim Galkin published an excerpt from the New Year’s musical with Alla Pugacheva

It should be noted that as an illustration for his publication, Galkin used a fragment of the musical “You will chase two hares”, in which he starred with his wife. A remake of the 1961 musical comedy was shown on Channel One on January 1, 2004. Staged Maxim Papernik The comedian played the stylist-hairdresser Alexei Chizhov, and his wife embodied the image of Antonina Korovyak on the screen. Andrey Danilko, best known as Verka Serdiuchka… And in the final of the TV movie, his composition “New Year’s” was performed, which was performed with him by all the stars who starred in the show.

It is noteworthy that the romance of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin began a couple of years before filming in the musical Chasing Two Hares. They started talking about them as a couple after the joint hit “Be or not be.” The rumors were confirmed when the Prima Donna divorced Philip Kirkorov in 2005, with whom she had been married for more than ten years. In December 2011, the singer and showman registered a relationship. The celebration on the occasion of the creation of the official union was organized the next day. It should be noted that the king of the Russian stage was also present.

Philip Kirkorov, Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin

In September 2013, Pugacheva and Galkin became the parents of the twins Lisa and Harry. Children to star parents were carried by a surrogate mother. In early childhood, the son and daughter of celebrities attended a French kindergarten, and in 2020, the children of Galkin and Pugacheva went to first grade. It became known that for the primary education of the daughter and son of a celebrity, they pay 160 thousand a month. Throughout the New Year holidays, Maxim showed how he spends time with children Lisa and Harry. Harry together with Igor Nikolaev improvised at the piano, together with his sister they rode down the hill and shovel the snow. The twins delighted their parents with reading Christmas poems and watched their mother’s archival performances on TV. On one of the days of the holidays, the family was visited by a stylist who made new hairstyles for her masculine component, and Lisa and her mother simply cut the ends. This video was also shared by Galkin on his microblog.

Lisa and Harry Galkin with dad

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