Jan 12, 2021
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Maxim Fadeev published a rare photo of his mother, touchingly congratulating her on her birthday

02:56, 12.01.2021

The producer rarely shows his relatives to his audience.

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52-year-old Maxim Fadeev is actively following what is happening in the domestic show business. In his microblog on Instagram, he often reacts to relevant and resonant events, and also enters into polemics with Internet users, having his own point of view on many issues. Nevertheless, the musician is in no hurry to share aspects of his personal life – he rarely publishes photographs of relatives or close friends, usually without giving a reason for discussing his person.

Maxim Fadeev

However, the night before, Fadeev made an exception to the rule. In his microblog on Instagram, he published a rare photo of his mother Svetlana Petrovna and congratulated her on her birthday. The musician’s parent is 74 years old. And judging by the picture that her son posted, she looks great. “Happy birthday Mom!” – Maxim congratulated his relative (the spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given without changes. – Prim. line.).

Maxim Fadeev published a rare photo of his mother, touchingly congratulating her on her birthday

In the comments to the publication, Fadeev’s colleagues in show business joined in the congratulations. So, for example, Katya Lel expressed her admiration for the musician’s mother :! Happy Birthday Mom, Max !!! Happy and long life! I love her!”. But the singer Alexander Buinov decided to play a trick on the composer in his own way: “Aha! Mamenkin, oh no, mom’s son, you are! Happy Birthday!”.

Maxim Fadeev with his family

It is worth noting that Maxim Madeev was born into a creative family. His father Alexander Ivanovich is a talented composer. He is the author of music for several dozen successful performances. Maksim’s mother is a famous singer performing Russian and Gypsy romances. Being a gypsy by birth, she managed to instill in her son a love for folk art. Congratulating his mother on her birthday in 2017, Fadeev emphasized that he inherited his love for music from his parents. Then a video from the celebration appeared on the producer’s Instagram microblog. On the footage, the birthday girl performed a gypsy romance.

Maxim Fadeev at 17

“Mommy is burning! I love when she sings! Especially the gypsy romance “spatuhala” She sings, and with your eyes closed you can see how our ancestors gathered around bonfires and wagons, talked about life and sang … And the children listened and sang softly. Songs about the road that always moves under the gypsy’s feet. Songs about love and pain, about deprivation and gypsy happiness. One of the most ancient peoples, and the most still undecided. A nation that has kept its culture and language unchanged for thousands of years. Sing Mom. Sing for another thousand years. Happy Birthday!” – signed the video Maxim Fadeev.

Mom Fadeeva sings a gypsy romance

Note that in mid-December last year, Maxim Fadeev spoke about the suspicion of coronavirus infection. The producer once again talked to the audience of his microblog on Instagram, posting his photo and asking subscribers about their plans for celebrating the New Year. The composer himself, in the comments with displeasure, disclosed information that he, apparently, will celebrate the holiday alone – if he is confirmed to be infected with the virus.

“At home … Perhaps alone, if COVID-19 is confirmed … Hopefully it will carry you!” Fadeev said. In addition, Maxim Fadeev admitted that he was quarantined. The musician honestly said that he was shocked by what had happened: “I was also quarantined. Another 14 days to sit … I’m in shock. “

Maxim Fadeev with his wife

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