Nov 1, 2022
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Maxim Fadeev announced an important event in his life


Producer and composer Maxim Fadeev revealed his secret at a concert in St. Petersburg.

Maxim Fadeev shared unexpected news: he recently officially converted to Christianity. The producer first announced the details of the important event during his concert in St. Petersburg, and then published it on his Telegram channel.

It so happened that Fadeev was not baptized in childhood. For a long time, the showman tried to understand himself and understand whether he was ready for such an important step. He admits that recent events in the world had a great influence on his decision.

At a concert in the Ice Palace, the producer said that he plunged into the font three weeks ago. For the sake of this event, he brought relatives and closest friends to the Northern capital. According to Fadeev, recently he has awakened a special love for the city on the Neva.

Maxim Fadeev in St. Petersburg
Maxim Fadeev in St. Petersburg

A few weeks ago I told you that I came to St. Petersburg on a very special occasion for me. At a concert in Ledovoy, I revealed this secret to you. It so happened that I lived my whole life unbaptized. Recently, I consciously accepted this sacrament in my beloved St. Petersburg. In a narrow circle of loved ones. I think that today, more than ever, we all need faith and God.”, Fadeev wrote in the Telegram channel.

It is possible that the artist turned to faith not only because of the tense situation in the international political arena, but also because of a rapidly developing illness. It is known that Fadeev suffers from hearing problems. Back in the 90s, he received an injury that could put an end to his work. Now he can perform on stage only with a special device to help compensate for partial deafness.

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