Nov 23, 2021
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Matvienko calls calls to boycott Beijing Olympics unacceptable

Calls for a boycott of the 2022 Beijing Olympics run counter to the spirit of parliamentarism and Olympic principles, Federation Council Chairwoman Valentina Matvienko said. Her words are quoted by TASS.

“It is especially sad to hear the rhetoric of confrontation from colleagues in the parliamentary community. In particular, I consider unacceptable calls from high tribunes to boycott the Winter Olympics in Beijing, ”said the head of the Federation Council during a meeting of the inter-parliamentary commission on cooperation between the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and the National People’s Congress (parliament) of China.

The speaker noted that she has no doubts about the high-level organization of OI-2022, given the “dedication and hard work” of the Chinese people.

Matvienko also pointed out that Moscow has already submitted an application to host the world exhibition EXPO-2030 and said that it counts on support, including from Chinese partners.

Earlier, politicians from Canada, Norway and the United States called on to boycott the Beijing Olympics. In addition, representatives of about 200 human rights organizations around the world spoke out in favor of boycotting the Games. The reason for this was the massive repression prescribed by China in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. However, Beijing opposes the politicization of sports, insisting that individual countries and organizations are trying, under the slogan of protecting human rights, to disrupt major sports events and interfere in the internal affairs of other republics.

Recall that the British government also did not rule out the likelihood of a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Games. London has been actively discussing this issue.

Before that, American President Joe Biden, when asked about a possible boycott of the Olympics, answered with the phrase “I am a delegation,” which confused journalists.

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