May 16, 2020
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Matured Polishchuk from “Matchmakers” turned into a beauty

Повзрослевшая Полищук из «Сватов» превратилась в красавицу

The series “Matchmakers” was fond of many viewers who are looking forward to filming new seasons. Unfortunately, due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, the filming of the seventh season had to be suspended. The actors are now on self-isolation and are waiting for the shooting to resume in Belarus.

The fans of the series keep their Instagram account in which they share news about the life of their favorite actors. The other day, fans of "Matchmakers" published a post in which they posted a photo of matured actress Ani Polishchuk.

Recall that the girl was involved in the filming of the series with 2013 of the year. She played the role of Victoria’s granddaughter, who visits with her grandparents. Anya immediately liked the audience. They enjoyed watching her acting. It should be noted that the girl continued to act in films, she is constantly offered new roles and projects.

This year Anya turned seventeen. Now her main occupation is preparing for school exams and entering university.

Subscribers, having seen the photos matured actress, put aside many pleasant comments. They noted that the girl grew up and became a real beauty.

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