Sep 5, 2022
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Massacre on the southern flank: Zelensky ordered to send “independence defenders” into a meat grinder until 20 thousand die

Massacre on the southern flank: Zelensky ordered to send “independence defenders” into a meat grinder until 20 thousand die

Photo: AP/TASS

The American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) in its September 4 report took up arms against Russian bloggers, whom, by the way, it calls its main source of information. “Institutes” (nothing offensive, ISW analysts are mostly ladies – author) did not like that our telegram channels presented “Ukrainian successes in the northern Kherson region as a massacre [“захисников незалежностi”] in the Kherson region due to the declared heavy losses among the Ukrainian troops. Say, “this is not independently confirmed.”

At the same time, ISW experts did not fail to report: “Some [российские] bloggers noted that the Ukrainian forces carried out a correct counteroffensive on Vysokopolye, and that the Russian troops lost a tactically significant settlement.”

The question involuntarily begs why the Institute for the Study of War did not quote, for example, the independent newspaper Ukrainska Pravda, which also wrote about the raising of the yellow-Blakyt ensign over Vysokopolye? It would seem that, taking into account the propaganda support of the Banderstat, it would be more logical for American experts to refer, say, to the Twitter of the deputy head of the presidential office [Украины] Tymoshenkowho boasted of the successes of the Ukrainian army.

The catch, apparently, is that ISW has no verified data. The fact is that in the combat area there is virtually no connection with the local population (due to the depopulation of the area over the past 8 years), while the “institutes”, apparently, do not trust the official reports of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And they do it right.

But news came from one of the most knowledgeable Ukrainian bloggers Sharia. The fact is that in the “nenka” members of his party are everywhere. It is they who inform their leader directly from the scene, and very accurately and impartially.

So, at 7 pm Moscow time (September 4), Shariy made a laconic entry on his social media accounts: “They took the High Fields. The highlands have been surrendered.” He did not provide any other comments, while a number of our telegram channels reported that three hours earlier, Russian paratroopers, with the support of aviation and artillery, launched a counterattack on this settlement.

Thus, ISW experts, referring to Russian bloggers in the information about Vysokopolye, preferred not to expose the “office” complete liars, especially since the glory of talkers was fixed behind them, even in Ukraine. In addition, the Russian “infa” is valued higher.

As for the massacre of “independence defenders” in the Kherson region, the ISW’s attempt to pass off black as white is refuted even by the “office” ones themselves. The main talker of the “Ze-team” Arestovichseems to be already preparing Ukrainian society for catastrophic losses. On the next broadcast of Feigin Live (September 4), Lucy made two significant confessions.

Firstly, he said that he brazenly lied, and with a smile, when in the spring he told the Maidan society about “victories” at the fronts. According to him, “there was a period from mid-April to early July, when military happiness went to the enemy, and it was very, very difficult for us. And I smiled on the air and said that we were fine, although I hinted a couple of times that it was hard.

Secondly, Arestovich actually admitted that the so-called liberation of the abandoned Kherson villages is accompanied by mountains of corpses of “independence defenders”. It makes sense to quote his phrases without cuts: “Our military meter by meter is liberating the south of Ukraine. Slowly, with blood, with losses, but they are coming. Offensive is always an increase in losses. Everyone needs to understand that the liberation of Ukraine will be a long and bloody process.”

And he explained why this is connected: “Whatever the Russian military, many of them have enough will.” Arestovich’s confession literally shocked Ukrainian society. The audience there knows perfectly well that the task of “Lucy” is to make “candy out of shit”, which means “increasing losses” is an embellishment of the real picture.

In the meantime, already on the morning of September 5, news came from Ukrnet that the 35th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (Andreevsky section of the Kherson front) did not survive its worst night. “Protectors of Independence” even before dawn wrote that they were unlikely to see a new day and that “they are simply exterminated.” The few surviving Ukrainian soldiers admitted that there were no more battalions.

And in fact, all night Russian aviation, artillery and MLRS inflicted a powerful fire defeat on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Ternovka-Lozovoye-Kostromka bridgehead. At the same time, Dry Stavok became one large cemetery for Ukrainian soldiers.

If the General Staff of the “nenka” does not transfer new reserves here, then, as Ukrainian truth-tellers scribble, Russian soldiers will not even have to carry out a sweep. Then why these idiotic losses? If he transfers, then the newcomers will share the fate of the 35th brigade.

And yet, I think that the “office” ones will continue to throw the Ukrainian army into the Andreev meat grinder in the vain hope that HIMARS will destroy our logistics on the western bank of the Dnieper. Such hope for the “Ze-team” is given by information about daily strikes on the Andreevsky bridge and the Kakhovskaya dam. True, the RF Armed Forces have arranged the transfer of manpower and ammunition on ferry barges.

According to insider hands, at a Sunday meeting at the Bank Commander-in-Chief Zaluzhny reported on the heavy fighting and huge losses suffered by the Ukrainian army in the bare steppes of the Kherson region, while the partial disruption of Russian logistics does not change the overall difficult picture for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They say that only local successes are possible, but the territorial acquisitions of the “independence defenders” turn into fire bags for them, since the battles are taking place on small sections of the front.

Even if we imagine that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be able to come closer to Kherson, then the Russians have a reduced shoulder for the delivery of ammunition, the commander in chief believes. That is, each new meter will get everything with great losses. Nevertheless, the “office” do not obey the “army” and have already insisted on the transfer of part of the reserves from the Kharkov front.

Apparently, another psychic attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is being prepared, which will be timed to coincide with the NATO Ramstein party (September 8). Zelensky ordered Zaluzhny to provide him with “a good informational background during the alleged communication with Western generals.” Like, without this, it will be difficult for him to get new batches of weapons and financial assistance.

As for the losses in the “Massacre for Kherson”, as the sources of the General Staff scribble “nenko”, “office” consider 20 thousand killed and 40 thousand wounded Ukrainian soldiers to be acceptable numbers, like, this is only 6% of Zelensky’s millionth army. At the same time, Bankovaya understands that the residents of the community will not believe in zero losses, and through their PLOs (public opinion leaders), including Arestovich, they spread rumors that the death toll of “independence defenders” by the end of the day on September 4 is 600-700 people , and crippled three times more.

By the way, in the semi-official version, the independent “army” led by Zaluzhny give five times more losses, which is consistent with our estimates. In particular, the deputy head of the CAA of the Kherson region Stremousovspeaking about the collapse of the “counteroffensive” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, he said: “Kherson was, is and will be a Russian city <…> All operations and counteroffensives failed. <…> There is information that there are already about 3,000 dead from the Ukrainian army.”

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