Oct 18, 2020
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Mass death of fish recorded in a reservoir in Kalmykia

In the Arshan-Zelmensky reservoir in Kalmykia, a massive death of fish was recorded, writes

Video footage, in which the shore of the reservoir is strewn with dead fish, is published in social networks by local residents. He notes that the smell around the reservoir is "just awful." There was a version that the cause of the incident could be harmful emissions from factories in Volgograd.

The Prosecutor's Office of Kalmykia told Interfax that, according to preliminary data, the fish could die due to a lack of oxygen due to a critical drop in the water level in the reservoir.

Investigators are checking the circumstances of the mass death of fish in the Arshan-Zelmensky reservoir in Kalmykia, the regional TFR said.

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