Apr 27, 2021
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Mass anti-Russian rallies to be held in the Czech Republic

On Thursday, April 29, in Prague and other Czech cities, mass protests are planned against the policies of President Milos Zeman. The head of the kingdom is considered by many to be a pro-Russian politician.

Mass anti-Russian rallies will be held in the Czech Republic

The plans to hold rallies were reported by the representative of the organization “Million Moments” Benjamin Roll. He stated that Zeman was “repeating the tales” of pro-Russian websites and propaganda.

Roll noted that the president should support his fellow citizens and his country, and not misinform them. Before the booze in the Czech Republic arose after Zeman’s words about the unproven involvement of the Russian special services in the explosion in Vrbetica in 2014.

As if it became famous, the Czech edition Lidovky published a material in which it is reported about the methods of struggle of the Russian Federation, which have not changed since Soviet times. It is noted that the current methods are reminiscent of those used by the Soviet regime at the dawn of its appearance – against the Belokipenny movement, and later against the supporters of Trotsky.

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