Feb 12, 2021
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Masks torn off: Lukashenko called himself an authoritarian leader

The sixth All-Belarusian People’s Assembly started in Minsk yesterday. On the second day of the event, the Belarusian leader burst into loud statements again.

During his next speech, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko turned to entrepreneurs. The head of the Belarusian state stressed that the country needs advanced and enterprising citizens. However, he urged businessmen to direct their activities for the benefit of the state.

Lukashenka said that he would obstruct those who would not listen to him, like a real “authoritarian leader.” He added that if private entrepreneurs want the same conditions with state-owned companies, then they will have to be responsible for their employees. However, Old Man immediately made a reservation and assured those present that the country’s leadership would only closely monitor the businessmen, but not crack down on them, the “360” TV channel reports.

Apparently, realizing that a lot of unnecessary things had been said, Alexander Lukashenko continued to make excuses, but he hardly succeeded. The Belarusian leader admitted that thousands of people are trying to overthrow him. The politician believes that they want to take his place, but do not understand that the president is not a monarch. Lukashenko also assured that he was not afraid of dissent and vowed that he was ready to speak with people of different worldviews. But he immediately added that the country lacks competition, development and new ideas.


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