Oct 20, 2021
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Masha Rasputina suffers from covid easily, and her husband ended up in intensive care


Singer Masha Rasputina fell ill with a coronavirus infection and is being treated at home, and her husband, with 80 percent lung damage, was in intensive care.

The husband of the singer Masha Rasputina, businessman Viktor Zakharov, was urgently hospitalized with coronavirus. At the moment, he is in critical condition transferred to intensive care.

Masha is sick in a more or less mild form: her doctors treat her at home according to a special scheme. And I’m in the hospital, in intensive care. Apparently, I won’t be out soon. I was diagnosed with 80 percent lung damage. Doctors endlessly put droppers, give injections – I lie under an oxygen mask for a whole day“, – Victor told the” Interlocutor “.

Masha Rasputina and Viktor Zakharov
Masha Rasputina and Viktor Zakharov

In part, Zakharov blames his son for his illness, who threw a scandal on television and thereby drove him into a stressful state, because of which everything worsened. He says that when they got infected, both had a mild illness. However, against the background of experiences, Zakharov’s condition began to deteriorate until it reached a critical point.

Recall that Maria has been married to Viktor Zakharov for more than twenty years. This is her second marriage. But the businessman had to try hard to bring Rasputin to the registry office. He began courting her in 1995, and the couple got married only in 1999. On the first day of their acquaintance, which took place in Madeira, where a music festival was held with the participation of Russian pop stars, Victor invited the artist to a restaurant. For a romantic dinner, he ordered wine for $ 25,000.

By the way, Zakharov came to the island solely to get to know Rasputina, but Masha did not want to continue communication. Victor made another attempt to win her heart three years later. “I looked at him from a purely female side. I thought: a good man, we must take“, – said the singer. In this union, the artist had a second daughter, Maria.

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