Oct 24, 2021
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Masha Rasputina spoke harshly about her stepson


Singer Masha Rasputina believes that her stepson should be responsible for everything.

A couple of weeks ago, another episode of the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live broadcast ”on the TV channel“ Russia 1 ”. The program was devoted to the harassment suffered by the daughter of Maria Rasputina. The girl claimed that her paternal brother Roman molested her.

The man himself in the studio behaved aggressively. He kept calling the singer’s daughter, and he said nasty things about Rasputin herself. Maria finally decided to answer her stepson. According to the star, Roman has long been inadequate, and she has no desire to communicate with him. “This non-human must answer for all the evil he has done to our family. He must answer for all the meanness that he has done. And according to all the karmic laws of the Universe. And human“, – said the singer.

Masha Rasputina's stepson
Masha Rasputina’s stepson. Transmission frame

The artist is sure that Roman is deliberately stipulating her and her daughter in order to ruin their reputation. The spouse of the star adheres to a similar point of view. He stopped communicating with the heir, believing that he did not deserve forgiveness.

Now a real black streak has come in Rasputina’s life. In addition to family scandals, the star was also overtaken by health problems. Her wife Viktor Zakharova was recently hospitalized with 80% lung damage, while Maria is still undergoing treatment at home. “I still have a great weakness, dizziness. They put droppers. God grant that everything goes away“, – said the star.

Communicating with the edition, Rasputina admitted that the black PR, arranged by Roman, was absolutely useless for her. Most of all, the star dreams of being left alone and given the opportunity to make music.

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