Nov 17, 2021
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Masha Rasputina spoke about her daughter, who was resettled from her family


Singer Masha Rasputina called her daughter underdeveloped.

Serious passions are boiling in the family of Masha Rasputina: the daughter of a pop star has become frequent guests of talk shows, in which she talks about her terrible life in colors. 21-year-old Maria claims that her parents mistreated her, and her older brother on her father’s side wanted to rape her. The girl complained to Rasputina, but she closed her eyes, so she had no choice but to run away from home.

The singer is shocked by the revelations of the heiress and finally decided to expose her. The artist said that Maria got out of hand for a long time: she began to study poorly, did not attend classes at the institute, which cost a lot of money, and then told her mother that she dreamed of becoming a journalist “to screw everyone up”. And the girl did not limit herself to words alone and tried to concoct a sensation, secretly filming her parents on the phone.

Masha Rasputina
Masha Rasputina

Once, for the sake of the show, she started filming us, I saw it and broke my phone. And my husband has done this many times. So what to do? We have a cottage on the territory, he moved her to a guest house. When he heard obscenities from her, and even against her parents, he said: “Everything so that I don’t see you anymore. Until you correct yourself, you will live there. ” What do you think? There is no fix yet“, – shared Rasputin in the YouTube show” Better – the truth. “

The singer suspects that friends and social networks have a detrimental effect on Maria, because in the family, the artist assures, no one taught the girl such things. In addition, according to the performer, her heiress was always a little behind in development, so one should not expect any wise and balanced actions from her.

She’s still a stupid girl with me. First, she always lagged behind her peers a little. Her development is a little later. For about five years for sure“, – added the pop star.

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