Nov 19, 2021
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Masha Rasputina admitted why she was offended by Andrei Malakhov


Singer Masha Rasputin considered Malakhov to be her friend.

Artist on the air of the show “Alena, damn it!” explained why she had a falling out with TV presenter Andrei Malakhov.

Malakhov did not call when my daughter came to see him at the show. We are not friends. We had good friendships, but now I am offended. Why didn’t they call me, didn’t they warn me? There must be brotherhood and fellowship. I appreciated this move to me. Disrespectful“Said Masha Rasputina.

Masha Rasputina
Masha Rasputina

As Masha Rasputina noted, she later found out that her daughter Maria was running and asked to be called to Malakhov. “I do not like these gossip, squabbles so much. I hate lies and filth because I was born in Siberia“- said Masha Rasputina.

Recall that Rasputina’s daughter Maria Zakharova recently came to the show of Andrei Malakhov. She stated that her stepbrother wanted to rape her at the age of 17. In addition, he now, as she assures, sends anonymous threats to Masha Rasputina’s daughter.

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