Oct 21, 2021
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Marshals, generals and admirals will be able to serve until the grave

Marshals, generals and admirals will be able to serve until the grave

Photo: Alexey Druzhinin / Press Service of the President of the Russian Federation / TASS

The Defense Committee of the newly-minted (euphemism for “elected”) State Duma of the 8th convocation considered and recommended for adoption a bill to abolish restrictions on contract renewals for servicemen holding the rank of Marshal of the Russian Federation, General of the Army, Admiral of the Fleet.

Previously, it was like: a certain age left – retired. And now it is assumed, I quote an explanatory note: “the most experienced and highly qualified” will be allowed to pull the strap to the last line. What is meant by this and who is the “most experienced” – at the discretion of the president. That is, he will calculate exactly how long to measure out to the general-admiral-marshal. With the special desire of the Commander-in-Chief, he will do without a highly superior “demobilization” at all.

Continuity and continuation of glorious traditions: the previous Duma of the 7th convocation has already decided that federal officials appointed and removed from office by the head of state will be able to remain in office even after 70 years. In the same “piggy bank” brought the heads of Russian and municipal universities, postponing them five years. I am waiting for the principle to be legislatively embodied in the formation of sports teams and national teams, because who, if not age masters, are “the most experienced and highly qualified”?

Incidentally, at the 2012 Olympics, the Japanese rider Hiroshi Hoketsu he turned 71 years old and he performed touchingly for the audience and condescendingly in the individual competition, taking 41st place among 49 participants. The main thing in sports is not victory, but respect for gray hair.

However, back to our governors. Why to them? Because the “eighth convocation” of deputies will also have to “zero” the regional bosses, allowing them more than “two terms”. Until when – again at the discretion, you know who. Thus, the “vertical” is built in all its rigidity and beauty: it may or may not permit it.

It can prolong, or it can “lose confidence”, and not particularly bothering with the reasons. Still, it’s one thing – “on suspicion”, for example, of corruption. And quite another – yes, you, my friend, are out of age. Do you want to be late? Try! They will be happy to try, only for the good of someone? Russia, region or one person, whoever he is? Serve or Serve?

The average age of the Brezhnev Politburo at its end in 1981 was 68 – this is more or less known. And here is the less well-known: immediately after the repeated petition L. I. Brezhnev on resignation (1978), a special decision was made to limit the working hours for all managers over 65 (increase their vacation time, a “library day” in addition to the usual days off, reduction of Politburo meetings, where, among other things, the most important decisions for the country were made). Less time – less accomplished, and this is in conditions when management was still collegial, many issues were not limited directly to Brezhnev, the Soviet “vertical” had certain “plateaus”.

The same is the current American “supply manager” Biden 78 years old – overseas “checks and balances” are balanced so that for some time the United States may be left without a head of the executive branch at all (the case with Trump indicative). This is not, of course, good (Staff “gerontophilia” has long been criticized by American politicians), however, their system is capable of functioning in this situation.

In the Russian Federation, all the “strings” are pulled together into a single Kremlin, which, in theory, should provide a strong “rope” in case of any global problems (such as war) or an emergency. But, firstly, such states in the general course of “peaceful life” are still rare, fortunately. And, secondly, well, COVID-19 attacked us and what? If unpopular but responsible decisions should be made by conventional “colonels” (or even “majors” with “captains”), why then the General? For weddings and parades?

Another aspect of the problem is the attitude to legislation not as to some letters, composed by some “bags of bones” for others. It is clear that under a hierarchy, the overwhelming minority dictates its will to a scattered majority, but in the absence of religious authority, respect with appropriate subordination can only be achieved with rationality and consistency. Or – by force, which is very costly in every sense, and therefore unreliable.

For some reason, it was written in the Main – “not corrected” – constitutional booklet: “two terms.” And then dances with tambourines began: “in a row – not in a row”, out of the 8 previous maximum “presidential” years, 12 suddenly formed, after all 2X2 turned into 0. Does anyone really think that some priests in robes are able to “deargument “And” re-justify “logic with mathematics?

With the age limit for officials, rectors, marshals, they also seem to have agreed to count up to 65. And, suddenly, “without declaring war” – 70 or more. May God grant everyone health, but why so much trouble, I propose to unite the whole bunch of “corrections and amendments” into one law “On the Estates of the Russian Federation”, so that once – and for all! And only so that the sovereign could demote!

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