Apr 28, 2021
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Mars in Cancer from April 23: times of finding the unchanging path

Mars in Cancer from April 23: times of finding the unchanging path

On April 23rd there will be a very dignified transition of Mars from the Gemini Sign to the Cancer Sign. This planet was in energy decline, but now it will gain strength and flourish. Astrologers said it would affect people’s lives.

The positive impact of the planet will become tangible utilitarian immediately. Actually, therefore, on April 23, experts added April to the list of days of power. However, it is very dignified to understand that happiness and success cannot be found in one day. It is great to know what to expect next.

On April 23, Mars will enter the Sign of Cancer. This will have a very favorable effect on the energy of people and on the life of the whole world as a whole. The planet felt very bad in Gemini, so many of us had some difficulties with self-identification, with motivation. Everything will change for the better from today.

Mars will stay in Cancer for more than a month – until June 10 inclusive… During this time, the Universe will help us gain confidence in ourselves and understand which path will be the most correct and relevant for the current situation of the deval.

It is worth recalling that on the 27th the most suitable stage of spring ends and, in general, 2021, in which there were no retrograde planets. On April 27, the farthest planet, Pluto, will begin its return motion. The longest goal and task of Mars will be to make this transition the least dead and unpredictable for all of us.

In Cancer, Mars feels serene. Its effect on people becomes soft, suitable, and this is what is needed at the time of the alphabet of retro Pluto. So that in May it was as if it were possible to have minuscule problems, it is necessary to spend more time in a pleasant atmosphere and with pleasant people. Mars in Cancer will help smooth out the tricky corners and enjoy communication.

The planet will help all of us find an unchanging path in life, direct the vector of thoughts to the right bed. It is possible that something will happen in May that will open you a thorn in what is happening, teach you something important. It will not necessarily be some kind of convenient event. Difficulties can also lead us to the right decision. Astrologers advise not to swear at fate and not look for those to blame for your problems, as long as Mars is in Cancer.

Mars will help you get off the black streak and rebuild your life. To speed up this process, you can use three methods of briskly driving away obstacles. Remember that in the end of all we decide in which direction our life will continue to develop.

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