Oct 14, 2020
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Markov explained the artificial nature of the conflict between Latvia and Russia

Lithuania is not a free country; in its foreign policy decisions it relies on the authority of the European Union and the United States. Political scientist Sergei Markov told NewInform about this.

Former mayor of Kaunas Vytautas Šustauskas in an interview with Sputnik Lithuania criticized Vilnius's policies and said that the authorities are systematically acting to the detriment of their country. He suggested that Lithuania's foreign policy will not change after the parliamentary elections.

“I once, back in 1992, said in the Seim: if there were smart people, having such neighbors as Belarus and Russia, we would be in Europe in terms of economy. If they didn’t bark like dogs at Russia, we would live well, ”Shustauskas is sure.

He believes that other politicians should be in power who can change the situation and build good-neighborly relations with Russia.

Director of the Institute for Political Studies Sergei Markov, discussing the reasons for the rhetoric of the Lithuanian politician, suggested that it is a person's ability to speak the truth.

“It's obvious, the question is - why did he do it? Maybe because he is outside the political process, and he does not care that he can be persecuted for this. Or maybe he needed votes. In principle, everyone knows that the conflict with Russia is artificial and damages all neighbors, and that this is just a big stupidity, ”said the source.

Markov stressed that Shustauskas says what everyone already knows about, there is simply a ban on speaking about it in public.

Markov explained the artificial nature of the conflict between Latvia and Russia

“Now a modern system of political repression has been formulated, of course, not the same as Stalin's or Brezhnev's, but nevertheless, this is precisely repression against those who tell the truth,” the political scientist is convinced.

Discussing whether the Lithuanian authorities will begin to build good-neighborly relations with Russia, Markov replied that Lithuania is not a free country, so it cannot make independent decisions in the field of foreign policy.

“The strict coalition, the European bureaucracy and the United States dictate their terms, and Lithuania is a poor country that suffers. If she, like Finland at one time, were allowed to interact with Russia, the standard of living in the Baltic countries would be two or even three times higher. They would simply prosper and bathe in gold: the inhabitants of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia would buy up massive houses on the coast of Greece, Spain, Italy. But they have lost the ability to think independently, ”the expert says.

According to Šustauskas, thanks to good relations with Russia, the population of Lithuania would pay only a few cents for gasoline. He noted that the current authorities allocate 2.5 percent of the budget for armaments, although "tanks are not needed in the atomic age."

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