Oct 18, 2021
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Mark Bogatyrev showed the face of an 8-month-old son, whom Tatyana Arntgolts gave birth to


The star of the series “Kitchen”, actor and TV presenter Mark Bogatyrev shared a photo with his son Danila, who is growing up as his copy, and spoke about his fatherhood.

Mark Bogatyrev became a father in February of this year. His wife Tatyana Arntgolts gave him a son, Danila. The celebrity still cannot believe in her happiness. Mark Bogatyrev told fans how happy he is to be a father.

In his personal blog, the actor told a touching story about how he was deprived of his father’s care in childhood. And therefore, communication with his son is especially valuable for him. He adorned his message to fans and friends with a rare photo with a child, in which it became obvious that the baby had inherited the color of his eyes from his dad, and the shade of his hair from his mother.

Mark Bogatyrev with his son Danila
Mark Bogatyrev with his son Danila

I never had a daddy-father !! When I was little, a little older than Danilka, I promised that when I grow up and have children, I will try to become a good father … I am infinitely happy that I became a dad … thanks to Tanya God, the universe for this experience and for the fact that my sincere dreams and desires come true 👏👏👏 ps I will try to become a good father💪“, – wrote the star of” Kitchen “in his Instagram account.

How beautiful you are, Mark ❤️ Unlimited happiness in every day 🙌“, – actress Elena Dudina wished.

Fans also responded to Bogatyrev’s publication and noted the similarities between father and son. “A copy of dad ”,“ Handsome, a copy of dad ❤️❤️❤️ ”,“ What a beautiful baby ”. I wish you great happiness ”,“ What a sweet baby ”,“ Being a dad is happiness ”,“ Well, how similar are they !!! 😍😍😍 “,” How similar to dad! Handsome men! 😊“, – they wrote in the comments.

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