Apr 23, 2022
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Mariupol in the war 80 years ago

One of the most important tasks of the denazification of Ukraine is to restore the truth about the past. First of all, this concerns the assertion of the truth about the OUN-UPA * banned in Russia with its anti-Soviet and Russophobia, with its struggle for the creation of an ethnically pure Ukrainian state.

In the destruction of the civilian population and prisoners of war, the OUN-UPA militants exchanged experience with the German Nazis, who passed through fire and sword in 1941-1944. across the land of Soviet Ukraine. And now the Kyiv regime has taken this bloody experience into service.

Documents testifying to the successive connection between the German Nazis and Ukrainian radicals were recently published on the website of the Russian Ministry of Defense: a new historical multimedia section “Mariupol. Liberation”.

Mariupol was liberated on September 10, 1943 during the Donbas offensive operation by the troops of the Southern Front under the command of Colonel General (future Marshal of the Soviet Union) F.I. Tolbukhin. On the same day, Moscow saluted the liberators of Mariupol, Volnovakha, Chaplin and Barvenkov with 12 artillery salvos from 124 guns. The 221st Rifle and 9th Guards Fighter Aviation Divisions were given the honorary name “Mariupol”. The 130th Guards Taganrog Rifle Division was awarded the Order of the Red Banner. Hundreds of commanders, Red Army and Red Navy men received high personal awards.

The website of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation contains award materials that speak of the high military skill, courage and self-sacrifice of the liberators of Mariupol. Unfortunately, we have to talk not only about them and their exploits, but also about how the misanthropic ideas of German Nazism and Ukrainian integral nationalism “sprouted” into today’s reality.

Since the capture of Mariupol on October 8, 1941, the Nazis have staged terror in the city. For almost two years of occupation, they shot about 10 thousand people, drove about 50 thousand to Germany. In two concentration camps set up in the Ilyichevsk region, about 36,000 Soviet prisoners of war died of starvation and disease. In a selection of documents currently stored in the Central Archive of the RF Ministry of Defense and listed on the website, there is an act on the atrocities of the German occupiers, signed by a large number of surviving local residents and widely distributed by the military council of the Southern Front. The murders of women, children and the elderly, mass executions, bullying and robbery were massive and systematic. “Before fleeing, the fascist beasts deliberately burned and destroyed the city, – reported in the document. – Special detachments of torchbearers burned and blew up all public and private buildings from September 7 to 10, 1943..

The consequences of the atrocities are recorded in published photographs. The two photographs shown show the destroyed school, which the Germans blew up during their retreat from the city, and the blown up water treatment plant of the Ilyich plant. On the third, confiscated from a fascist officer, are the corpses of tormented captured Red Army soldiers.

Another documentary evidence: “On September 10, at the time of the landing of the Soviet troops near the Yalta road, the torchbearers abandoned their cars and scattered in a panic towards their houses. Noticing the old women and children sitting in the pits, the animals shot them from a machine gun. Among the many killed was Georgy Miroshnikov, master of the port workshops, his two children, the wife of Werner, the workshop accountant, and her housekeeper with a two-year-old child, were seriously injured. Here, a fascist soldier finished off a 14-year-old wounded in the stomach..

The accomplices of Bandera and Shukhevych learned from the Nazis and the techniques of the information war. They subordinated many of their actions to the goal of discrediting Soviet soldiers. “On the first day of the occupation on October 8, 1941, SS units captured the first 26 citizens they came across and tortured them to death in the city center in the courtyard of the building of the former NKVD. They skinned them from their hands, cut off their genitals, ears and noses, and walled them up half-dead in the walls of the basement. After 13 days, these corpses were dug up and shown to the population under the guise of victims of the NKVD..

Isn’t Butch repeating the same thing? The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, carrying out a pre-planned provocation, distributed video recordings from Bucha to the Western media as “evidence” of the mass destruction of civilians by Russian soldiers. Moscow exposed this dirty production: “… it is known, including from the statements of the head of the administration of Bucha on March 31, 2022, that the Russian army left the settlement on March 30, – said on April 15 the head of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin. – The video, which appeared immediately after the withdrawal of Russian troops, filmed by Ukrainians and circulated on social networks, does not contain information about the killings and deaths of civilians.”.

A few days later, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced another provocation organized in the urban-type settlement of Voskresenskoye in the Nikolaev region. Here, at the direction of the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a staged filming of “acts of looting” allegedly committed by the Russian military against civilians was carried out. Soldiers of the 191st battalion of the 123rd territorial defense brigade, dressed in Russian uniforms, defiantly robbed private houses and filmed their outrages on mobile phones using cars with the sign “Z”.

From the same category – fakes of Ukrainian propagandists about how the population greets their “defenders” in the person of Azov*. Fact of 1941 according to an archival document: “It was announced that Russian prisoners of war were coming from Rostov and Mariupol residents could take their identified relatives. Thousands of residents came out to meet the prisoners of war in the hope of seeing someone close to them. But instead of prisoners of war, fascist German troops approached. At that time, fascist cameramen filmed everything as a “meeting by the Russian population of German troops” ”.

Today, the same methods are being repeated. Retreating under the pressure of the Russian troops liberating Mariupol, the “defenders” hide behind the backs of civilians. How many times the Russian Ministry of Defense arranged humanitarian corridors from Mariupol, but never once did the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine take this act: civilians who tried to leave the dangerous area, and military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who decided to save their lives and surrender, the militants of the National Battalion opened fire in the back.

Who else needs to prove the kinship of the ideology and practice of the German Nazis and Bandera in the service of the Kyiv regime?

Photo: Russian Ministry of Defense

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