May 11, 2022
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Mariupol: How many years and brigades from Russia are needed to restore the city

In the photo: Mariupol, on one of the streets of the city

In the photo: Mariupol, on one of the streets of the city (Photo: Valentin Sprinchak / TASS)

On the eve of Victory Day, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation arrived in Mariupol and Volnovakha Marat Khusnullinto assess the volume of restoration work, as well as to identify approaches to the construction process.

First of all, he inspected the most important facilities at the moment – hospitals that are functioning despite the damage caused by the nationalists, proposing, first of all, to restore the apartment building for Volnovakha doctors, which is located next to the medical institution, and in Mariupol, where there is no less acute problem with housing for medical staff, – deploy prefabricated towns.

The official also visited Azovmash and the Mariupol commercial port. By the way, work is in full swing there – more than 400 employees have already been hired, and in May, as planned, the first products from the republic will be shipped. Traditionally, the port of Mariupol shipped large volumes of metal products and grain, but given how much building materials the Donbass will need for recovery, the deputy chairman of the Russian government suggested using it as a transport hub for a huge range of everything needed for large-scale work.

“Russia is with us – this is the main thing! All regions of the Russian Federation will send their specialists to us, and the restoration process will begin to boil. There will be many jobs for our residents. We are getting ready for construction!”, the head of the DPR, who accompanied Marat Khusnullin, said on this occasion in his tg-channel. Denis Pushilin.

No one had any doubts that Russia would take a lively direct part in the restoration of Donbass in general and Mariupol in particular. But won’t anti-Russian sanctions make a negative adjustment to this vital process?

– After the Great Patriotic War, we raised the whole country from the ruins and we had no other choice. The situation is exactly the same with Mariupol – in my opinion, it is pointless to talk about how troublesome the restoration will be, it just needs to be done, that’s all, – shared his thoughts on this with SP member of the Union of Architects of Russia, honorary builder of the city of Moscow Alexei Krotov.

“From the point of view of architecture, this is the very case when there is an opportunity to take advantage of the situation and change the old appearance of the city for the better, correct those urban planning shortcomings that were made during its construction earlier. Now, with the restoration, you can make the city just exemplary. Improve the transport scheme, lay new modern engineering communications using modern technologies. To build there not just another metropolis, but to build the most comfortable city for people’s lives with all social and cultural facilities in sufficient quantities so that something that was so lacking before appeared there.

Yes, this is a very serious task, but at the same time, it is a very honorable one. Yes, a lot of things will have to be rebuilt there, but do we have little experience in rebuilding cities from ruins? Almost every century, Russia went through difficult wars, experiencing either general devastation, or total restoration and complete renewal. It never scared us.

“SP”: – But even taking into account the use of advanced building technologies, the restoration of Mariupol will not happen all at once. To your discerning architectural eye, how long would this take?

– It largely depends on the capacities and resources that will be involved. You can get by, figuratively speaking, with small forces, and then the process will take more time, or you can use all the forces, then it will happen much faster.

“SP”: – And yet, what approximate “fork” can be voiced? How long will recovery take? Five years, ten years?

— The industry of construction of apartment buildings is actually very well established in Russia. For example, the same Moscow is now simply groaning from the huge number of “humans” being built. All these capacities would be very useful in Mariupol to speed up the process. Another thing is that, in my opinion, it is not worth making the number of storeys of residential buildings in Mariupol higher than seven, this is uncomfortable for people. But the industry itself, I repeat, is well established in our country.

The same Togliatti we quickly rebuilt, as they say, from scratch, but since then the technologies of industrial housing construction have advanced significantly.

We actually have good technologies for building and laying engineering networks. Only it is necessary that not girls and boys, yesterday’s visualizers from Kazan, but competent and experienced specialists are engaged in the design of the city. And for this it would be necessary to revive the system of design institutes, to revive integrated design, starting with urban planning plans for cities and ending with the design of public areas. In general, if you approach this wisely, and not with an increased selfish interest in the development of the budget, you can do everything.

“SP”: – If we approach wisely and tense up, will we meet the five-year plan?

– Yes, after the Great Patriotic War, we raised the whole country from the ruins in the five-year period, and this was almost 80 years ago, when they were built mainly of brick. I think we will certainly raise Mariupol, especially if we use the experience of industrial housing construction, and even on the condition that the construction companies involved in the development of Moscow will join in the restoration work in Mariupol. There they will have a place to turn around, this is not a rebuilt capital. It is only necessary, in my opinion, to establish decent control over the quality of their work, so that they do not engage in outright hack-work, as in Moscow.

“SP”: – What political decisions need to be made in order to maximally level any negative factors in the restoration of Mariupol?

“Mariupol is a very attractive territory both in terms of industrial production and in terms of a transport hub,” noted political scientist Marat Bashirov– therefore, I believe, a special investment regime will be created for it, and not only Russian, but also, most likely, Chinese investments will come there.

Russia is going to build an innovative advanced port in Mariupol, in fact, robotic. And the Chinese are very interested not only in the supply of grain crops, but also in uranium raw materials, as well as in metallurgy and thermal coal, which they urgently need. And after China, in the end, it seems to me, money from all of Southeast Asia will quickly reach Mariupol.

“SP”: – And what about Western investors? They also have a lot of money.

— Firstly, we are interested in building a fully integrated economic space with Russia, and we are absolutely not interested in any local options voiced by Western companies.

Secondly, there are no fools in the West, they will not give you a penny there, so as not to get multiple quick profits from them. The participation of the West in the restoration of Ukraine is all fairy tales that pour into the ears of Mr. Zelensky.

The money of the West is bondage money. Please note that the West is now heavily emptying Ukrainian granaries. This is actually a retribution for obsolete weapons thrown off by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the real market value of which is absolutely unknown, in contrast to the aern, the cost of which is now very high. The Kyiv regime is now reveling in the fact that the United States passed the lend-lease law, only it has forgotten that the Soviet Union stopped paying for exactly the same American supplies to World War II only more than 30 years after it ended.

So you can immediately forget about Western investments for Ukraine, we definitely don’t need this.

“SP”: – What time should we meet in the restoration of Mariupol, so that the last rabid Russophobe in the West finally recognizes the obvious – Russia’s concern for Ukraine?

– First, in the West, no one will ever recognize anything like this, even though all the walls in Mariupol are covered with gold. This is a very deep ideological confrontation. Secondly, we are not at all faced with the task of forcing someone to admit something.

Our goal is simply to take care of the people living there. So, obviously, the recovery will still be progressive. Our goal is to set ourselves and solve ambitious tasks to build the economy of the future in Donbas.

The specific terms for the restoration of Mariupol specifically depend heavily on the timing of the end of the special military operation. It is one thing to restore a front-line city, and quite another – a city that is very far from the line of contact between our troops and NATO troops.

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