Oct 17, 2021
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Marina Zudina worries about the future of her 15-year-old daughter


56-year-old actress Marina Zudina thought about the future profession of her 15-year-old daughter Maria and dedicated a post to this on Instagram, asking fans for advice.

Marina Zudina recently returned from Milan, where she was on vacation with her children: 26-year-old son Pavel and 15-year-old Maria. The actress shared footage from the rest, which shows that her daughter has matured noticeably, and will soon complete her studies at school. The widow of Oleg Tabakov thought about her daughter’s future profession.

Marina Zudina with children
Marina Zudina with children

For Zudina, it is important not only for her daughter to choose a profession that would provide her with a prosperous life. The actress wants Maria to live in an environment where she can remain a decent, decent person. The actress assures that this is possible in the creative profession, but she is considering other options.

When I was in school, I was interested in journalism. But now it is even dangerous to be a journalist, as well as an honest lawyer or politician! The state invests little money in science, and the most talented people leave. Now bloggers with millions of subscribers make money, but there is a lot of hype, and for some it is unacceptable. Of course, stylists, makeup artists, good photographers … But this is all a creative cut. And what else? My daughter is growing up, and I am sometimes at a loss. So far I don’t even understand where it is more correct to continue her education … Naturally, she will make the decision. But from this in my head there are no less thoughts ... ” – Zudina shared her experiences.

Marina Zudina with her daughter Maria
Marina Zudina with her daughter Maria

Marina spoke about Masha’s desire to develop in the humanities. They are considering studying abroad. Now Maria is carried away by design, but the actress is embarrassed that this requires a lot of funding. The fans suggested that the girl continue the family dynasty and go to the theater: “Masha has to go to Teatralny. ! “,” In your case, your daughter will certainly continue the acting dynasty“.

Creativity in any case is salvation! This is a special world and a special energy! Creativity to a large extent preserves spiritual qualities!“- said Zudina.
Alika Smekhova also joined the discussion: “Or maybe continue the dynasty ?! You have talented and beautiful children, everything will work out anyway☺️😘“.

By the way, the eldest son of the actress, Pavel is successfully developing his career. He is known for his roles in the TV series “Flight” and “Unprincipled”. Recently, the artist stopped hiding his new darling. Pavel Tabakov was published with PR manager Ksenia Ermolenko.

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