Nov 17, 2021
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Marina Zudina spoke about the behavior of Konstantin Bogomolov


Actress Marina Zudina lost her role because of Konstantin Bogomolov.

The artist finally spoke about the situation with the play “On Every Wise Man” based on the work of Ostrovsky, where she was supposed to play one of the main roles. In mid-October, the premiere took place at the Theater of Nations. True, without Zudina’s participation.

First, she was replaced by actor Igor Mirkurbanov, who was entrusted with the female role, and the other day Bogomolov himself shone on the stage in things that, as the media joked, he borrowed from his mother-in-law. The journalists decided to ask Zudina’s opinion about Bogomolov’s provocative work. But it seems that the actress is too offended by the director to give reviews of his work.

Konstantin Bogomolov
Konstantin Bogomolov

The actress abruptly stopped the conversation on the topic of this performance and emphasized that there are more interesting things in her life.

My God, I don’t know what roles he is playing and why. This is a question for Konstantin Bogomolov. I have my own life, the rest is not interesting to me. I don’t follow what Kostya is doing at the moment. When you start to care about who, what, where and when, you stop living your life“, – quotes Zudina KP.

Zudina’s life is really full of various bright events now. For example, in early November, Konstantin Khabensky returned her work to the Moscow Art Theater. And on the eve there was an equally important day – the actress introduced her daughter Maria to the secular public. 15-year-old daughter of Oleg Tabakov became the debutante of the Tatler anniversary ball. By the way, during the event, Zudina’s daughter confessed to reporters that she was not going to enter a theater university and wanted to connect her life with design.

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