Jun 24, 2022
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Marina Zudina shared a photo of a beauty – a daughter who graduated from grade 9


Actress Marina Zudina said that her daughter Maria is preparing for graduation. The heiress of Tabakova grew up to be a real beauty.

Marina Zudina published a photo of her daughter Masha on her blog. The actress shared an important event on social networks: her daughter is preparing for graduation. “9th grade behind. First ever graduation”- Marina boasted of her daughter.

Masha Tabakova
Masha Tabakova

How beautiful she is”, “Clean like an angel”, “Alien”, “What youth and tenderness”, “Both dad and mom in one bottle”, commented subscribers.

Recently, Maria became one of the participants in the traditional Debutante Ball. A beautiful photo from this event, where Marina Zudina, Pavel Tabakov and Maria are posing, caused not only kind words addressed to the girl, but also vicious attacks towards the “star” children. But Masha does not react to this – she is actively engaged in her life.

Masha Tabakova
Masha Tabakova

Maria draws well and is interested in design. As for the “dynasty”, she, like Pavel, has a very high bar in the acting profession. And there is a certain uncertainty about what it can fit. The son, too, doubted himself for a long time. In general, if you ask your daughter: “Do you want to try yourself in the profession of an actress?” – she will answer: “Yes, I would be interested.” But to formulate “I want” herself is a completely different matter … By the way, if Masha chooses a foreign university, I will easily let her go, because she is an independent and responsible person“Zudina says.

She is sure that Masha is well aware that she, like other girls, was invited to such a ball not for her own merits, but for the success of her parents.

Yes, not everyone can be happy for someone, for someone’s happy children … Yes, Masha, like Pasha, initially had a “special start” – they were born into a successful, wealthy family. But the start is only the first step, only the beginning of the journey. The main thing is how the children will go on in life! And my daughter and son, fortunately, understand this.”, Marina Zudina said in an interview with 7Days.

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