Oct 11, 2021
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Marina Zudina shared a joint photo with her daughter from Tabakov


Actress Marina Zudina showed her beautiful daughter.

The actress showed her grown-up daughter from Oleg Tabakov. Masha turned 15 this year. Together they went to Italy. Marina shared pictures from the trip on her Instagram.

Selfie on the rooftop of Milan Cathedral! An incredible feeling of the amount of beauty in one place. By the way, getting around in Italy is not so difficult. In any pharmacy, tests are done and after 15 minutes they issue a green Pasport, which is valid for 48 hours and the test result. This is accepted everywhere, including at Airports. Costs 25 euros per person “, – wrote Zudina.

Marina Zudina with her daughter
Marina Zudina with her daughter

Fans of the actress bombarded her with comments.

Beauties! So beautiful! Masha grew up to be a beauty“, – wrote netizens.

We will remind, Masha was born when Oleg Tabakov was 71 years old. Now the girl is in ninth grade. In addition to her studies, she is fond of painting and equestrian sports.

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