Aug 31, 2020
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Marina Zudina published a video with her 14-year-old daughter from Oleg Tabakov

11:05, 08/31/2020

The actress showed how Maria looks now.

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Oleg Tabakov and Marina Zudina in 1995 became the parents of the boy Pavel, and in 2006 their daughter was born, who was named Maria. The actress occasionally talks about her children on social networks, where she also publishes photos of the heirs. This time, Zudina posted a video on her microblog on Instagram with 14-year-old Maria in a luxurious dress and with a haircut on her head. Daughter Tabakov, despite her young age, is already taking part in fashion photo shoots.

Zudina wrote under the video that as a teenager she looked just like her daughter. “If someone is wondering what I was like when I was 14-15, then you can see it …)), and although I did not have such beautiful outfits, I was as happy as Maria), said the widow of Oleg Tabakov in her microblog on Instagram (spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given unchanged. Prim. line).

Marina Zudina published a video with her 14-year-old daughter from Oleg Tabakov

Under the video with Maria Tabakova, a lot of compliments immediately appeared, which Marina Zudina did not disregard. The actress thanked everyone for the pleasant words, and also explained that her daughter already has her own microblog on Instagram, but so far only the closest people can see the photos that are published there.

Oleg Tabakov and Marina Zudina raised two children, but the actress frankly told that they could have more heirs. The fact is that even in her youth, the actress was twice pregnant from the director, but did not dare to leave the children. Zudina explained that at that time she was not ready to give birth and raise a baby, although she really wanted Tabakov to be the father of her children.

The relationship between Tabakov and Zudin was also complicated by the fact that the director was married. Oleg Pavlovich was married to actress Lyudmila Krylova when he met a young and attractive student Marina. Despite the impressive age difference, Tabakov and Zudina could not contain their feelings. After ten years of relationship with an actress who was 30 years younger than him, Tabakov officially divorced his wife, with whom they raised two children: Anton Tabakov, who became an actor and restaurateur, and Alexandra, who decided to work on radio and television.

Archival photo of Oleg Tabakov with his daughter Masha

After breaking up with his wife, Oleg Tabakov married Marina Zudina in 1995. The couple lived together for more than 20 years until the director’s death. Oleg Tabakov died on March 12, 2018. Prior to that, doctors watched him for several months. It is known that several factors at once influenced the artist’s deterioration: dental implants that did not take root and became inflamed, as well as a severe form of pneumonia. Despite all the efforts of the doctors, it was not possible to save Tabakov.

The death of Oleg Tabakov was a big blow for Marina Zudina and their common children. The life of the actress has changed a lot. She said that over the past two years, it was as if she had tried to learn to walk again. The salvation for the star was work the actress plunged into new projects: she began to appear on the theater stage again, starred in the TV series “Kept Women” and “The Good Wife.” The widow of Tabakova considers her achievement to be that she was able to cope with the tragedy without antidepressants and alcohol.

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