Nov 23, 2021
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Marina Khlebnikova will need years to recover


The doctor spoke about the state of the singer Marina Khlebnikova.

A few hours ago, the media reported encouraging news that Marina Khlebnikova, injured in the fire, began to breathe on her own. Doctors disconnected her from life support devices. However, doctors are afraid to make any predictions. The fact is that multiple burns on the artist’s body led to the development of an inflammatory process.

As it became known, doctors suspect that the artist has begun to get infected. This is evidenced by the increased temperature, which the doctors have not yet been able to “bring down”.

When asked how long the singer’s treatment might take, the staff of the N.N. Sklifosovsky Research Institute for Emergency Medicine, they do not give an unambiguous answer. In the best case scenario, we are talking about years of rehabilitation.

Marina Khlebnikova
Marina Khlebnikova

This is necessary for both plastic surgery and skin grafting. A long process for years, to put it mildly. And any operation is blood loss, lymphatic loss.“, – quotes Igor Sharipov REN-TV.

By the way, representatives of Khlebnikova asked those who were not indifferent to donate blood. The artist needs plasma to treat her burns.

The singer, we recall, was injured during a fire in her apartment on Ratnaya Street. There is a photo of the burnt bedroom on the Web, where the rescuers found the performer. Presumably, the fire started because of an unstuffed cigarette. However, the exact reason will be named later – after the completion of the investigation of the incident. During the fire, the artist’s relatives were at home, none of them was seriously injured.

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