Nov 22, 2021
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Marina Khlebnikova developed an infection in the burns


The singer Marina Khlebnikova started having complications.

Conflicting information is received about the state of the artist, seriously injured during a fire in her apartment. Yesterday there was news that Marina Arnoldovna came to her senses and is conscious. Today this information is already being denied.

According to the source, the 56-year-old artist was disconnected from the ventilator, but while she is in a drug-induced sleep. Khlebnikova also began to become infected at the site of numerous burns, due to which the temperature rose to almost 39 degrees.

Marina Khlebnikova
Marina Khlebnikova

The stellar patient is fed through a tube. Doctors conduct intensive antibiotic therapy. Marina needs a plasma transfusion every day.

Recall that since November 18, the star of the 90s has been at the Sklifosovsky Research Institute. Relatives and colleagues of the singer ask those who are not indifferent to donate blood for her, according to Mash.

Now there are many rumors about how Marina Arnoldovna’s life has developed recently. Some believe that she suffered from depression, others – that from alcoholism. A close friend of the artist, the author of her hits, Dmitry Chizhov, denied such gossip.

“1On November 7, Marina and I returned to Moscow from concerts. I 100 percent refute the rumors about her depression and alcoholism. For 30 years of dating, I have never seen her in such a state. For the last six months we have been working closely, although I have my own good solo program. Marina sings eight or nine of my songs. Half of them are well-known. “A cup of coffee”, for example“, – said Chizhov.

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