May 4, 2021
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Marina Fedunkiv spoke about her secret of youth

The popular Russian actress and singer Marina Fedunkiv spoke about the upcoming celebration of her 50th anniversary, and also shared the secrets of her youth.

Marina Fedunkiv spoke about her secret of youth

She noted that she still does not have a coherent plan for the celebration, but only a rough scenario. Marina added that she had invited countless close friends for her birthday.

The actress said that before her birthday and immediately after it, she had planned shooting and concerts, so it could come out so much that it would be too late to celebrate the triumph.

Fedunkiv frankly shared that she was able to look good-looking at her age. The artist emphasized that now she does not do plastic surgery of the snout, but dispenses with all sorts of cosmetic procedures, but in the future she does not exclude the possibility that she may turn to plastic surgeons.

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