Sep 26, 2021
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Marina Fedunkiv almost buried herself due to alcohol problems

The star of the comedy show Comedy Woman and the series “Real Boys” Marina Fedunkiv admitted that in the past she had problems with alcoholic beverages.

The famous actress had to go through difficult periods. The celebrity has repeatedly faced problems in her personal life. For example, the first lover Fedunkiv, with whom she lived, repeatedly cheated on her.

The next chosen one of the humorist suffered from addictions – the man abused alcohol and illegal substances. At some point, the artist herself became addicted to alcohol.

“It was such that I drank, but for me it was not a salvation,” Fedunkiv shared in the program “Once upon a time …” on the NTV channel.

According to the Real Boys star, the alcohol made her worse. In a state of intoxication, the actress gave free rein to emotions, but at that moment she did not feel the most rosy feelings, so she sobbed even more.

“I understood that I would bury myself this way. That is, this method was not for me, “- explained the celebrity.

Gradually, Fedunkiv’s life improved, and not so long ago she played a wedding with a young Italian Stefano Maggi. While the Comedy Woman star is happily married. The artist noted that with some character traits, the husband reminds her of her father.

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