Aug 6, 2022
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Marina Devyatova gave birth for the second time


Singer Marina Devyatova announced the birth of a child.

Recently, Marina Devyatova admitted that she was in a position. And now it became known that the artist became a mother for the second time!

The fact that the 38-year-old star gave birth to a child, said Marina herself. The performer shared a touching photo, which illustrated the long-awaited event. “Welcome son! Dad and I were waiting for you. Please love and favor – Alexander Alekseevich Pigurenko”, — wrote the happy mother.

The artist was looking forward to the baby and is now counting the days to introduce him to her eldest daughter Ulyana, who was born five years ago.

Marina Devyatova with her husband and son
Marina Devyatova with her husband

As Devyatova admitted, she did not worry about childbirth and therefore calmly devoted time to work. “My husband and I are fine. We are already experienced parents and live a normal family life. I continue to sing, tour, give master classes and I know that all my most positive emotions are transferred to the belly-maker, ”she shared.

By the way, at the beginning of the year, the star was frank in a conversation with that she had recently experienced a difficult period in her life, because of which she needed outside help. So, Marina asked for support to save her family.

To be honest, the feeling of guilt stuck to me quite strongly. Specialists, as they say, took apart my head so that I would not just go crazy, because my family was crumbling before my eyes. And, in addition to specialists, of course, faith helped a lot and helps. Everything worked out without any tranquilizers“, – said Devyatova.

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