Sep 9, 2022
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Marina Alexandrova showed what she looks like in the morning on a walk with the dog


Actress Marina Alexandrova appeared in an unusual form.

Everyone is used to seeing Marina Alexandrova at social events in full dress: a spectacular outfit, makeup, carefully styled hair. And in films, the actress usually plays beauties.

But in a fresh photo shared by the artist in her microblog on social networks, she appeared in a completely different form. It’s hard to find an actress. Of course, going out for a walk with the dog is completely different than attending a movie presentation.

Marina is dressed in a sporty style: short black shorts, jacket, hat. And with the dog, the actress went for a walk at 6 in the morning.

Marina Alexandrova
Marina Alexandrova

When the tail – do not wait for the alarm”, the actress captioned the picture.

Fans noted that in this image, the star looks like a “hooligan kid”, but even so she looks very pretty. And even without makeup, her facial features remain bright.

Alexandrova is a successful actress and a happy mother of two children. Marina Alexandrova very rarely pampers fans with photographs of her children. But recently she made an exception and shared a picture showing both her son Andrei, who turned 10 in July, and her six-year-old daughter Katya. Fans noted that the children, especially the daughter, are very similar to their beautiful mother.

In a recent interview with, Marina Alexandrova said that with the advent of children, her life sparkled with new colors. She is sure that it is very important to help children open up, find themselves, their purpose, talent. To do this, you need to communicate a lot with each of your children.

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