Aug 9, 2022
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Marina Alexandrova showed a chiseled figure in a dress with a bare shoulder


39-year-old actress Marina Alexandrova shared a photo in an elegant outfit and spoke about the new shoot.

Marina Alexandrova is in a luxurious form and can afford even the most revealing outfits. The actress appeared in a dress made of flowing satin in rich emerald color with a bare shoulder and a dizzying cutout at the hem. The image of the actress was completed by a luxurious ring with emeralds and massive earrings with the same stone. The star posed in front of a mirror.

Marina Alexandrova
Marina Alexandrova

Sunday was a day off… But not today“, Alexandrova said.

Fans of the artist were delighted with her image. “Marisha, beauty, tenderness”, “You are gorgeous”, “What a luxury! Marina, you are amazing! Super woman and super actress! I love you!”, “What an adult already, but still the Princess of Darmstadt … Green suits you very much, you are very beautiful”, “There is something noble in this beauty. Duels with swords and balls until the morning”, – wrote in the comments.

Alexandrova returned to filming in the historical series “Ekaterina”. She plays the role of the great empress. The actress shared a photo in a filming suit in the company of Vladimir Yaglych. The actor got the role of Prince Grigory Alexandrovich Potemkin. The artists hid their faces under dark scarves.

Marina Alexandrova and Vladimir Yaglych
Marina Alexandrova and Vladimir Yaglych

Secret heroes… You’ll never guess who’s playing who. Secret project. Unknown faces. Palace secrets”, Marina signed the photo.

Fans of the artist, of course, recognized the heroes of the beloved series and were delighted that the creators had begun filming the fourth season.

Favorite characters are Potemkin and Catherine the Great! I have watched all the seasons with my husband. We look forward to continuing!”, “Both gorgeous! I love your characters and am extremely excited about their return!” “Amazing Grigory Alexandrovich and Ekaterina Alekseevna. Best duet”, “Beautiful actors, and very touching play relationships, respect”, Users noted.

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