Feb 18, 2021
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Marina Alexandrova published a rare photo with her son and daughter

18:16, 02/18/2021

The actress is resting with her family at a ski resort.

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38-year-old actress Marina Aleksandrova has been happily in a civil marriage with the director for 9 years Andrey Boltenko… The couple are raising two children: 8-year-old Andrewand 5 year old Katya… Marina is reluctant to share the details of her personal life. She rarely shows children and her husband. For example, the actress showed her daughter’s face only three years after the baby was born. However, even now she rarely publishes family photos. However, today Adeksandrova made an exception.

In her microblog on Instagram, Marina published a joint photo with 8-year-old Andrey and 5-year-old Katya. In the picture, the actress with children is captured in a ski resort, where she and her offspring are skiing. It should be noted that this is the artist’s first family shot over the past year.

Marina Alexandrova published a rare photo with her son and daughter

Marina Aleksandrova also hid both of her pregnancies. She first became a mother on July 11, 2012. Alexandrova gave Boltenko the first-born – a son. The boy was named Andrey. For the second time, the actress became a mother on September 29, 2015. The daughter of Alexandrova and Boltenko was born in one of the clinics in the United States. The girl was named Catherine – in honor of Empress Catherine the Great, whom the actress played in the TV series of the same name on the Russia 1 channel.

It is known that the relationship between Marina Alexandrova and Andrei Boltenko was a difficult period. When the director of Channel One was preparing for Eurovision and the Olympics, he literally lived on business trips for three years. “If I were in Marina’s place, I would have kicked myself out, because it is impossible to live with a person who makes the Olympics and has been on a constant journey around the world for three years. The opening of the Olympic Games, in a sense, happened thanks to her patience, support, somewhere even tears, “admitted Boltenko. However, later the relationship of the lovers improved.

Marina Aleksandrova with her husband and children

Marina herself noted that she was very lucky with her husband. She stated that marriage to Andrei Boltenko is considered the coolest act in her life. “I look at many couples and I understand that people influence each other very strongly. Some give each other the opportunity to open up and flourish, others do not. It seems to me that one of the coolest things in my life is that I married the best man. He absolutely knows exactly what I shouldn’t do, but what should be done, ”Aleksandrova noted.

Recall that earlier Marina Alexandrova was in a relationship with the star of the films “Assa” and “Gangster Petersburg” Alexander Domogarov, who is 20 years older than her. According to rumors, the actors met for two years – from 2005 to 2007, but the artists did not officially confirm their romance. Alexandrova’s first marriage was with a colleague in the workshop Ivan Stebunov from the series “Cadets”. The union of young people existed from 2008 to 2010, after which they decided to leave. A number of media outlets wrote that the gap was associated with Stebunov’s betrayal.

Ivan Stebunov

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