Jan 14, 2022
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Marina Alexandrova assessed her face and found a bunch of flaws


39-year-old actress Marina Alexandrova was critical of her fresh photo, noting that her nose had become large, and her “lips were unfashionable.”

Marina Alexandrova shared a frame from a photo shoot where she poses in a dark velvet dress with a deep neckline. The actress appeared in the photo close-up, looking directly at the photographer. Looking at this picture, Marina analyzed her appearance and found a lot of flaws.

I was looking for obvious physical flaws in myself: the nose is big, and the eyes are small, the skin is too white or the lips are not fashionable 😉 Although my father’s eyes are the color of my mother, I love them, the nose obviously stretched out with age, but I wouldn’t cut it off, it’s curious, 😂 skin is mine, don’t run to the solarium every week (it’s still of little use, “grill”), lips… well, it’s definitely never been fashionable and it’s too late to start… Here’s the left eyebrow, for sure, it let us down a little… I must say next time Victoria to idealized the trough”, Alexandrova said.

Marina Alexandrova
Marina Aleksandrova

The actress, however, did not evaluate her figure. “I didn’t go to the body, I obviously would have unearthed something there. One conclusion came to my mind, at about 3 o’clock in the morning: when a girl was raised in love, it is difficult to torture yourself with stupid thoughts … It’s time to sleep and love yourself, and continue to love others, which is what I wish you!“- concluded the actress.

Perfect!”Irina Pegova assured Alexandrova.

Fans of the beautiful actress also did not stint on compliments. “Marina, you are 🔥🔥🔥and it’s better to keep your individuality than to drive yourself into fashion patterns🤭🤗”, “The eyes are huge and insanely beautiful! Yes, and the nose is definitely not subject to change”, “You have perfect cheekbones”, “You have no flaws! You are perfection! 🔥❤️”, “Yes, everything is perfect here, nature did its best, and it’s so beautiful that the lips are “unfashionable”, “In my opinion, the most beautiful of our actresses. You don’t need to correct anything”, “All your facial features are perfect, Marina”, — said the users.

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