Jul 21, 2021
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Marilyn poisoned Kennedy?

Marilyn poisoned Kennedy?

The sensational book “The Evening When Bobby Kennedy Killed Marilyn Monroe” was published in the USA.

The author – former Los Angeles police officer Mike Rothmiller – outlined the shocking theory that the famous film star was killed by Robert Kennedy, brother of President John F. Kennedy.


Mike Rothmiller admits that in the course of his work he came across a top-secret file in the archives, which indicates that Robert (Bobby) Kennedy, then the US Attorney General, poisoned the star with a potent poison. Actor Peter Lawford confirmed that it was in his presence.

It is known that in May 1962, Marilyn appeared at the celebration of the birthday of US President John F. Kennedy, broadcast throughout America, sang Happy birthday, Mr President. Monroe was dressed in a nude dress from the fashion designer Jean Louis that fitted her figure, in the spotlights she looked naked, sparkling with numerous crystals sewn into the outfit. The country took this sexually rich performance as a declaration of love for Kennedy. She left the party with the President, and they walked down an underground corridor and took the personal elevator to his apartment at the Carlyle Hotel next door.

The next day, Marilyn returned to California and received a harsh message from actor Peter Lawford, who is married to President Pat’s sister. He warned that she was “cut off” from the Kennedy family, she would never see the president again and should not seek meetings with him.

And three months later she was found dead, and the investigation said that it was most likely suicide. But for almost 60 years, many people did not believe in this version, they suspected that she was killed.

Detective Rothmiller kept quiet about his find for decades, fearing for his life, since the police authorities associated with those events were alive and could threaten him and his family. He is still very careful, takes security measures and keeps all the documentation of the murder in safe places. But with the blessing of his wife Nancy Rothmiller decided to tell the world about his findings. In addition to sensational investigative materials, he found a copy of Marilyn’s diary, which disappeared after her death. The ex-policeman suspects that the LAPD also had the original.

In her diary, Marilyn left notes both filled with tenderness and ominous, the image of a loving, passionate and somewhere naive woman emerged in front of the detective. She, for example, believed that for her sake Robert could leave his wife and seven children. “Bobby is smart,” she wrote in her diary. – He listens to me, and he is nicer than John. Bobby says he loves me and wants to marry me. I love him too. ” In another recording, Marilyn was angry with the brothers, threatening to tell the media about their relationship.


Once Rothmiller, who was supposed to collect information about the lives of celebrities and their contacts with the mafia leaders, had a chance to visit the mansion of Playboy owner Hugh Hefner. There he bumped into a drunken Peter Lawford, the last person to see Marilyn before her death.

The detective managed to get him to talk. At first, he outlined the official version of how he called an ambulance, but she was late – by the time the doctors arrived, Marilyn was dead. But Rothmiller abruptly stopped the interlocutor: “Everything happened differently, I know the truth, the house was on the wiretap of the police.” And this trick worked. Lawford opened up and told in detail how the poisoned Monroe died.

He reported about what happened before that in the country house of Frank Sinatra, where he and his friend, the leader of the mafia Giancana, drank Monroe with alcohol and then she was raped by a whole crowd. They were blackmailing Monroe so that she would not spill out about her contacts with the Kennedy brothers. But these threats only made her angry. The day before her death, she gave an interview to Life magazine, in which she stated that she does not care if her career ends.


And then, Lawford admitted, Robert Kennedy himself went to the star demanding to give him her diary. The actress refused, a conflict broke out between them, which reached the point of assault.

When Robert went to the kitchen, Lawford followed him to warn of neighbors who, because of the noise, might call the police. The actor saw that Kennedy was stirring with a spoon in a glass of water, where he had thrown something.

When the men returned to the room, Monroe was sobbing, her hands wrapped around her face. “Drink this, you’ll feel better,” Kennedy told her. After drinking, she lay down and calmed down.

Leaving the house, they ran into two men who looked like secret service agents. Kennedy nodded quickly to them, and they walked into the house. Robert asked the confused Lawford to take him to the airport. A highway policeman spotted their Lincoln traveling at twice the speed limit in the area. Lynn Franklin, having slowed down the intruder, recognized Lawford at the wheel. “Pete, why the hell are you doing this?” – he asked. “I’m taking the Attorney General to the airport,” the actor replied. Franklin shone his flashlight and saw Kennedy in the backseat. Franklin wrote about this in a book of his memoirs in 1999, mentioning that after that incident with Lawford, he survived two attempted attempts on his life.

For the rest of his life, Kennedy denied visiting Monroe on the evening of her death. Rothmiller believes that the star was poisoned with a chemical warfare agent supplied by the CIA to Robert. At that time, toxicologists could not yet establish the presence of this substance in the victim’s body.

Peter Lawford died of alcoholism in 1984. And Mike Rothmiller continued the main investigation in his life.

Nikolay Ivanov.


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