Jan 5, 2022
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Maria Shukshina shared a photo of handsome sons


Actress Maria Shukshina for the first time in a long time told how her children are growing up.

During the New Year holidays, the artist decided to please her fans with a surprise – for the first time in a long time, she shared a photo of her twin sons Thomas and Foka on her personal blog.

The star admitted that her loved ones do not like it when she advertises their pictures on the Web, so she tries to do it as little as possible.

On the publicized frame, Maria Shukshina captured the heirs with her mother, Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina, who came to visit them on New Year’s. The actress said that the parent is healthy and was very happy to meet with loved ones.

My eldest son, Makar, recently fought his first boxing fight and won a gold medal. Continues to study, second higher education, and work at the same time.

Children of Maria Shukshina with her grandmother
Children of Maria Shukshina with her grandmother

Our Markusha, the son of Makar, makes us happy every day. A very smart, good, kind boy. I love him very much.

My youngest children, Foma and Foka, are in the tenth grade, and now they have been without Cs for a year now. Thank God! They are also engaged in boxing, like Makar, their fight is still ahead. Purposeful and smart guys.

We do not communicate with my eldest daughter Anna as often as we would like, but I hope this time will come“, – said Maria Shukshina about her heirs.

Note that Maria Shukshina was married three times. The daughter of the artist gave birth to the translator Artyom Tregubenko, son Makar – from the businessman Alexei Kasatkin, twins – from the millionaire Boris Vishnyakov. Now the daughter of the writer and film director Vasily Shukshin is free.

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