May 28, 2022
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Maria Shukshina calls to close all scandalous talk shows


Actress Maria Shukshina took up arms in scandalous shows.

The artist has recently turned into an ardent fighter for freedom and truth. The actress criticizes not only total vaccination against coronavirus, but everything that harms the healthy development of the country and the nation as a whole.

Shukshina, 54, has repeatedly said that she supports the special operation in Ukraine and believes that Russia needs to get out of the yoke of the West and broadcast its traditional values ​​to the world. The actress believes that the country is already seriously affected by European influence. Even television, which is supposed to instill humanity, according to her, corrupts and causes moral harm.

The return of “laundry” programs plays into the hands of the enemy. To attract attention, famous people are usually invited, who are ready to come up with any conflict situation for 30 pieces of silver. For many, this becomes the only source of income. No one thinks about morality and the destructive impact on the audience”, says Maria in her personal Telegram channel.

The actress says that Western standards deny spirituality, introduce only commodity-money relations and do not think about their own future at all. The most annoying thing is that Russians consume such content and do not notice how they become hostages of the situation.

Maria Shukshina - photo from the archive -
Maria Shukshina – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

And why don’t we in our country cancel such garbage programs as “Let them talk”, where dirty linen is washed all over the country in prime time? Why is it impossible to fill the content with new patriotic programs that tell about ordinary people, about our soldiers, humble heroes in the rear and on the front lines, shedding blood for our future without slave shackles? I am sure that such programs would become an outlet in the face of information pressure.“, – said Shukshina.

The popular actress emphasizes that Europe is becoming more and more backward and cultureless, and even “cancelling Russia” will completely wallow in chaos. He does not understand how people can be prevented from reading Dostoevsky and Tolstoy, and forbidden from listening to Tchaikovsky.

By the way, Maria also opposes programs such as Tonight. Despite the fact that the format of the program is more family-oriented, she still does not like what is being discussed there. “I was recently invited to a program on the topic “Inherited Talent”, so I had to answer a little emotionally, they say, our guys in Ukraine do not spare themselves, and we procrastinate on topics that have been shown a thousand times on TV and on the Internet. Who is interested? Despite the fact that “Tonight” cannot be compared with the “laundry room” “Let them talk” does not go. But you still need to change the format, especially the leading new one … And I propose to cancel the “laundry room” as enemy content. And not only her, but all these mossy, sloppy, of which there are a legion on our federal channels“, – summed up Shukshina.

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