Oct 26, 2021
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Maria Poroshina told how she combines work and motherhood


The star of the series “Medium”, 47-year-old actress Maria Poroshina told how she communicates with children during filming, and who supports her in difficult times.

The famous Russian actress and mother of many children is raising five children. The eldest daughter Polina, whose father is actor Gosha Kutsenko, lives an independent life. Three youngest daughters – Seraphim, Agrafena and Glafira – were born in the second marriage of the actress. The identity of the dad of two-year-old Andrei Poroshin is still kept secret.

The actress is constantly busy filming TV shows and working in several theaters. Her eldest daughter followed in the footsteps of her parents, she successfully performs on stage. The younger ones are already accustomed to the irregular schedule of mothers, the actress is trying to bring the children to the set in turn.

Maria Poroshina with her daughters
Maria Poroshina with her daughters

If shooting in another city, I try to keep it no more than five days in a row. Or everyone in turn comes to me. First, the little ones. Then – average, then – Polina with her boyfriend or girlfriend“, – said the actress in an interview with” Evening Moscow “.

Maria noted that she would love to star in the same film with her daughters, but leaves the choice of a profession for them. “Let them first get a school education, study in circles, be like additional classes. They will get stronger, grow up – and then they themselves will make a choice. If they choose art, I will be their support and support.“, – said the actress.

Maria Poroshina
Maria Poroshina

Poroshina also told who supports her in difficult times. “Children – just with a smile, joke, hugs relieve any stress, and you understand that there is nothing more important than loved ones. I have girlfriends, I love them. There are those with whom we have been together for many years“, – said the actress.

By the way, now the channel “Russia 1” is showing the detective series “Medium”, in which Poroshina played the main role. The actress first tried on the image of a woman with superpowers.

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