Jun 23, 2022
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Maria Poroshina spoke about the relationship with her ex-husband


Actress Maria Poroshina told how her daughter is growing up.

The artist and Gosha Kutsenko broke up more than 20 years ago. The former managed to maintain a warm relationship and are still close friends to this day. The actress told how important the support of the ex-chosen one is for her.

According to Poroshina, if it were not for Kutsenko, she did not have the courage to enter the theater school. Thanks to the instructions of the former, the actress overcame all fears and worries. “The support of Gosha helped, who was there and gave me hope – he has been doing this for all the years that I know him,” Maria said.

The artists have a common daughter, Polina, who turned 26 a few months ago. The star heiress followed in the footsteps of her parents and also became an actress. But not only she decided to connect her life with the stage. Serafima (daughter of Maria from her union with Ilya Drevnov) is also interested in creativity.

Maria Poroshina - photo from the archive -
Maria Poroshina – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Sima started performing in a school rock band, even became its soloist! She has a good voice, she graduated from a music school, so it turns out well, – said Poroshina. – We thought that Sima would link her fate with architecture and design. She draws well – anime, graphics, she has her own style. But now, as you can see, she has a different hobby. I keep repeating to her that for the acting profession you need to read a lot of classics, watch good films and be very observant. Or maybe in a year the daughter will say that she wants to be an entrepreneur and financier. Who knows? I try not to put pressure on children and listen to their desires, leave some freedom of choice“.

In addition to Polina and Seraphim, Poroshina brings up Agrafena, Glafira and son Andrei. If the artist shows her daughters, then she hides the heir from prying eyes. By the way, it is still unknown who is the father of the boy.

Grunya graduated from music school. Glasha goes to kindergarten. She is six years old, and we want to keep her at home for another year. She goes to vocals, she has a very strong voice – like Nadezhda Babkina. And Andryusha – he is three years old – loves to listen to Magomayev. He goes to football, knows how to count in Russian, English and Italian. In general, each child has several hobbies. They like it, but sometimes I get into a stupor – who, where, what time and why! Head spinning – but fun!“- said Maria about the children” “.

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