Oct 15, 2020
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Maria Pogrebnyak and Milana Tyulpanova came out together after a public fight

10:57, 15.10.

Models in an embrace posed for photographers at the awards of the magazine "OK!"

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Two weeks ago, Milana Tyulpanova and Maria Pogrebnyak riveted the public's attention. The fact is that in social networks they began to distribute videos of models fighting. The girls did not comment on what was happening, however, they published photos with wounds on their faces in their microblogs on Instagram. Now Milana and Maria have appeared together at the awards of the magazine "OK!" and posed in front of photographers in an embrace.

"Mothers @popstar_house in business", - this is how she signed a joint photo with Maria Milana (spelling and punctuation of the author are given unchanged. - Prim. row.). It's worth noting that, judging by the comment under the post, Milana and Maria decided to start their own TikTok house. POPSTAR HOUSE, an Instagram micrologist, notes that the official opening of the house will take place today, October 15th.

Milana Tyulpanova and Maria Pogrebnyak posed together in front of photographers after a public fight

Recall that in the video, which was actively discussed in early October, the girls were fighting right in the center of Moscow, on Sukharevskaya Square. At first glance, it seems that the models are having fun, but later it becomes clear that Maria received a knee injury. After the incident, Pogrebnyak recorded videos in Stories, in which she calmed her subscribers, noting that everything was fine with her.

Milana, in turn, published a video with the hashtag "# zashishkova" in her microblog. The fact is that just at that time a scandal erupted between two former lovers of Timati - Anastasia Reshetova and Alena Shishkova. Alena answered a subscriber's question about her ruined relationship with Timati. The fan asked Shishkova if Anastasia Reshetova was involved in their separation. Alena stated that Timati and Nastya "flew together" at the time when she was pregnant with her daughter Alice. At the same time, Shishkova ironically stated that Reshetova was not to blame for anything.

The fight between Milan and Maria

Anastasia did not remain silent and commented on such attacks in her address. She stated that she met Timati at a time when Alice was four months old. They first met Timur in the summer of 2014. At the same time, the rapper convinced Nastya that he was a free man and was not connected with anyone in a relationship. Reshetova stressed that she and Timati explained everything to Alena. Moreover, she does not understand why Shishkova made a personal show.

Milana and Maria open their home with stars

By the way, last week it became known that Timati will be the new hero of the show "Bachelor". A record number of participants want to fight for his heart. Nastya said that she was not going to converge with Timati after the completion of the project and assures that the story of their separation is not a PR stunt at all. Alena, in turn, does not comment on the news about her former lover, but publishes in her microblog on Instagram a photo with red roses - a symbol of the project.

Anastasia Reshetova and Timati

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