Aug 27, 2020
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Maria Pogrebnyak about the new photo shoot: "The water is icy, cramps began, the lips turned blue"

Maria Pogrebnyak loves to delight fans with new images and pictures. Nevertheless, for a new photo shoot, the blogger had to go into the icy water, because of which "cramps began and his lips turned blue."

Maria Pogrebnyak about a new photo session: "The water is icy, cramps started, lips turned blue"

In the Instagram profile of Maria Pogrebnyak, a series of photos appeared in which a business woman appeared surrounded by water lilies. The image was complemented by spectacular makeup and an earthy dress. But behind all the beauty was the hard work of the photographer and the star herself. The fact is that she had to stand for over an hour in a cold pond. "The temperature is only 17 degrees. But it did not stop me .... The water is icy, my mouth is stiff, and I need to pose," the beauty blogger told subscribers.

The extreme photo session did not end there: with the onset of darkness, the secular lioness plunged headlong into the water. She admitted that the sensations after filming were unforgettable, but the "stone body" was not worth it. In addition, the couple wandered along dozens of paths for a long time, trying to get to the car. Despite such difficulties, Pogrebnyak asked the fans if they liked the pictures. Many commentators were delighted with the received footage.

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I wanted to do a photo shoot in a pond with water lilies. I found a great photographer. On the day of the photo session, the weather turned bad: the air temperature was only 17 degrees. But that didn't stop me) The shooting was supposed to start at sunset. The car was abandoned 20 minutes from the shooting location, as it is a protected area. I run into the water up to my knees ... The water is icy, it burns, convulsions immediately began, my lips turned blue, my mouth went twitchy, and I needed to pose. I begin to convince myself that it is not cold at all and everything is super. The first couple of photos were taken, and then I had to completely immerse myself in the water. Around it is getting darker and darker, we urgently need to photograph while there is light. I make up my mind and dive headlong. We catch a couple of frames. I understand that everything ... must go out. The body is like stone. But I was wildly impressed because I saw what shots were obtained. That's it, we shot it, we went out joyful, we turned around: great - we caught the sunset, coped with the pond. And suddenly we realize that: night ... forest ... no people, no one around. The terrain is generally unknown, we don't remember the road дорогу We ran to the shooting, but we had to catch the footage faster. On the way we met some vacationers. And now we are tired, hungry, frozen in the middle of a dark forest ... and no one. I started to shiver from panic, I have tears! We went along some path. And there are so many of them - small paths, as if they got into a maze. We wanted to run, but the photographer @ has heavy equipment. And suddenly I hear a rustle behind me, it's scary to turn around. I think I'll ignore it, but I immediately hear footsteps, look around, and behind me there is a man in the bushes. Arina shone a flashlight on him, and he hides behind the bushes ... is doing something (you understand). Whether he was following us through the forest all this time, or just saw ... I really don't know. I remember a story that happened to me at the age of 14. And here the worst thing is, I have a panic attack, I start screaming, tears like hail, I run and I don't see where, Arina breaks down, runs after me. I understand that it is she behind, and in my head is the silhouette of this man who is running after me. Every second I prayed to get out on the road faster! I don't know how, but we went out to the car 😅 you can't convey our joy to you) I hope you liked the photos

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