Feb 18, 2021
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Maria Mironova spoke about her secret of harmony

The famous Russian actress Maria Mironova, who got rid of her younger son at the age of 46, said that she was able to regain her shape after a similar late pregnancy using the intermittent fasting technique.

Maria Mironova spoke about her secret of harmony

She said that a year after the birth of her son, she had not yet been able to regain her former harmony, as if, due to her age, she was not losing weight quickly, as if before. However, she has built strikingly and now many young ladies who have become mothers not so long ago can envy her appearance.

Mironova reported that she eats twice a day: she has breakfast at noon, later she dines, and refuses to supper at all. At the moment, this technique is called intermittent fasting. Actually, the ballerinas feed themselves in this way so as not to overflow.

Maria said that according to a different method, it would be disastrous for her to lose weight, as if it would be necessary to count calories all the time. And if you count them all the time, then you constantly need to focus on food, and it is more important not to think about it at all.

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