Aug 2, 2022
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Maria Mironova shared a photo with a noticeably grown son


49-year-old actress Maria Mironova imprinted with 3-year-old son Fedor.

Maria Mironova is a happy mother of two sons. She named her firstborn in honor of her famous father – Andrei. Masha gave birth to him at the age of 19. But she became a mother for the second time at 46.

In psychology, there is such a concept: “What you fight against is what you become.” Son, don’t fight, just be yourself”, — signed the frame with the grown son of Mironov.

Maria Mironova with her son Fedor
Maria Mironova with her son Fedor

Seeing a photo of the youngest son of the artist Fedor, subscribers could not help but note how much he looks like his legendary grandfather. It seems that these blue eyes will look at us from TV screens more than once in the future.

Recall that Maria gave birth to a boy in 2019 from her young husband. Colleagues unanimously say that the actor Andrey Soroka became the husband of the actress. They say they got married in 2018. “I want to officially declare that my official marriage took place in Greece more than a year ago, after two years of marriage, namely on the island of Santorini”, Maria wrote in her social networks.

In the same place, on Santorini, Mironova gave birth to Fedor. Doctors warned Mironov that there could be difficulties during pregnancy due to age and health. But the artist was still determined to feel the joy of motherhood for the second time.

I was seen by two doctors during my pregnancy. One of my fears fully confirmed. And the second – refuted and eventually proved his case! He thought everything was going to be okay. And I also believed. It matters what you believe. By faith it will be given to you. Many times I was convinced that everything is so“, – says the actress.

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