Aug 9, 2022
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Maria Mironova does not want to let her son into the acting profession


Actress Maria Mironova told how her children grow up.

The actress brings up two sons – the eldest Andrei followed in her footsteps, began to play in the theater and act in films. The actress is pleased with his success, but for the younger she does not want such a fate.

48-year-old Maria Mironova unexpectedly criticized the acting profession, which she gave all her life. The theater and film star emphasized that she was not going to make artists out of her children and was very surprised when her eldest son wanted to follow in her footsteps. “Everything is fine with him. Andrey released several premieres at Lenkom, and before that – at the Vakhtangov Theater, acting in films”, – the star mother described the achievements of the heir.

Maria believes that acting is hard and thankless work. In addition, male actors, as it seems to her, are much more difficult in this case. She spoke about this in a recent interview.

I would not want acting to ever attract the youngest son of Fedor. I didn’t want this for my elder either, believing that the acting profession is not for men, it is too dependent. Let the actors not take offense at me. In my opinion, a man should be independent, he should decide something in his life, and not wait for offers. Let the son become a better artist or director“, – emphasized Maria.

Maria Mirovnova with her son - photo from the archive -
Maria Mirovnova with her son – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Mironova herself has already reached such a level in the profession that she can choose roles to her liking, and not act in passing films. But lately, she has been more fond of the theater than the set.

Note that three years ago, Maria Mironova became a mother for the second time. The star does not reveal the name of the father of the child, but rumors stubbornly bring her to the young actor Andrei Soroka. “For me, my family is much more important than my job. These are not comparable things. At the age of 18, when I gave birth to my first son Andrei, I would not have argued like that. When his transitional age began, I was already 30 years old, and I even began to refuse filming and traveling. Couldn’t afford it. All the time devoted to Andrew. It was a priority. This is what is happening now with the younger Fedor. The degree of my love for children is, of course, the same‘, Maria announced.

She also said that she is often asked questions about what it’s like to give birth at 17 and 45 years old. Indeed, in social networks, many women hate her for the fact that she became a mother so late. “Criticism is a fruitless thing. I don’t pay attention to her anymore. At one time I was asked how I decided to give birth, having become pregnant at the age of 17. Now they are interested in how I took a serious step – to give birth at 45. People tend to ask such questions. And the answer is very simple – this happened in my life, and I accepted it with joy.“, – said Maria Mironova” Evening Moscow “.

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