Sep 16, 2020
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Maria Kozhevnikova touchingly congratulated her mother on her birthday

21:03, 09/15/2020

The actress wished her relative to feel lightness and thrill from life.

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Maria Kozhevnikova has been devoting all her free time to her family for the last seven years. The actress has been living with a businessman since 2013 Evgeny Vasiliev... FROMthe inbound couple did not officially formalize their relationship, but this did not prevent them from giving birth to three sons. The elder Ivan was born in 2014, a year later - Maxim, and in 2017 - Vasiliy... True, the appearance of the youngest child Kozhevnikov is still hiding from the public. Rarely does Maria show photographs of the children's father. In the program "Secret in a Million", the actress explained that she was not hiding her husband. In fact, he does not really like to be in the spotlight and it is humiliating for him to PR at the expense of his wife.

On September 1, Maria and Eugene celebrated the seventh anniversary of their life together. The actress said in her microblog in Instagram, that the holiday was celebrated in the family circle and published a photo of a cake decorated with a symbol of love - two swans. Today Maria announced another important date. On September 15 her mother Margarita Kozhevnikova celebrates her birthday. The artist touchingly congratulated a relative on her birthday, confessing her love for her. “Best Mommy Supernatural Grandma Happy Birthday! It's time to live for yourself, rejoice, get carried away and sometimes forget about us! About my responsibility, help and care, I really want you to feel lightness and thrill from life! Be healthy! We love you very, very much! ”, - wrote the artist.

Maria Kozhevnikova touchingly congratulated her mother on her birthday

Maria Kozhevnikova often talks about her family. For example, in August, the actress announced that her relatives are always busy with something, so there is very little time for rest. According to her, her husband constantly answers calls at work, is on the road, Maria herself is busy raising children and household chores. In August, Maria told that he is trying to teach his sons to work. She believes that it is best to instill in children working capacity in the home garden. Kozhevnikova emphasized that the boys eat their own harvest with great pleasure, knowing that they had a hand in its appearance.

Children are also engaged in various sections, including sports. The eldest son Ivan is especially active. The boy is attended five workouts a day. The fact is that Vanya wants to go in for different sports. Maria believes that such a desire is good, but all this requires a lot of money. Even after class, Ivan comes and still continues to move. For example, he plays football.

Maria Kozhevnikova, Evgeny Vasiliev and their children

Despite the fact that Maria is completely immersed in household chores, she does not forget about her appearance. The actress is in excellent physical shape. At the same time, Kozhevnikova admits that she has no beauty secrets. She is actively involved in sports and eats right.

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