Jan 27, 2021
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Maria Kozhevnikova touchingly congratulated her middle son on his birthday, confessing his love to him

19:28, 01/26/2021

The actress named 6-year-old Maxim as her main protector.

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Actress Maria Kozhevnikova is happy in a relationship with her chosen one Evgeny Vasiliev almost eight years. The lovers never formalized the relationship, but in 2013 they got married. Now the star of the series “Univer” devotes all her free time to her common-law husband and their children.

The eldest son of Maria and Eugene was born in 2014. In 2015, the actress gave birth to another boy, who was given the name Maxim. And three years ago Kozhevnikova became a mother again. The youngest child Kozhevnikov and Vasiliev were named Vasily. Today the couple’s average sibling is six years old. It is noteworthy that his father also celebrates his birthday with him.

The wife of the actress Eugene and son Maxim

Maria Kozhevnikova, in honor of the double holiday, published a touching post on her microblog on Instagram. “Today is a fateful day for me! My men were born – husband and son! I will devote an evening ode to Evgeny Vladimirovich, and in the morning I will share my thoughts about my son! This is my test, to find out that three months after the first birth, my heart is beating inside! More precisely, a heart filled with courage, justice, kindness and completely childish wisdom. I thank God, and every time you fall asleep, I say thank you to you, my Maxim, for choosing me as your mother! You are my protector, my 6-year-old support, “Maria wrote under the photograph of her son (the spelling and punctuation of the author are hereinafter given without changes. – Prim. line.).

According to Kozhevnikova, six-year-old Maxim is already demonstrating such qualities as gallantry and confidence. In a joking manner, the artist also admitted that she would certainly choose the middle son as her husband, being a little girl. As for the real life partner, the actress had a separate congratulation in store for him, which she promised to publish later. By the way, a week ago Maria Kozhevnikova celebrated the birthday of her eldest son, who turned seven years old.

Sons of the actress: 7-year-old Ivan, 6-year-old Maxim and 3-year-old Vasily

Recall that 2021 for the family of Maria Kozhevnikova did not start very well. The fact is that the father of the actress urgently operated on Christmas. As it turned out two days later, at first Alexander Kozhevnikov’s cheek became inflamed, and a few days later his condition worsened. As a result, Maria’s parent was taken to the hospital, where they urgently operated on. “Father’s operation was successful! ”- Maria said then. At the same time, the actress lamented that as a former athlete, her father often faces problems with his health.

It is noteworthy that before the New Year, Maria Kozhevnikova also had to go to the chat room. Then medical intervention was required for the middle son of the star. The fact is that Maxim, during an evening walk with his family, received a face injury. On that day, Maria, her children and her husband went outside before going to bed. During the game with the brothers, Maxim got hurt: the cut was at eye level.

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