Aug 18, 2022
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Maria Kozhevnikova spoke about an important event and shared a rare wedding photo


Actress Maria Kozhevnikova shared a photo from the wedding with her husband.

Maria Kozhevnikova is an actress, public figure and a happy mother of three wonderful sons: eight-year-old Ivan, seven-year-old Maxim and Vasily, who turned five in July.

The star mother regularly pleases fans with family pictures and news about her heirs, but practically does not talk about her husband. She calls her beloved husband “a man from outer space, a real mathematician“. According to Maria, Evgeny Vasilyev is not a public person, he is uncomfortable in the public field. Moreover, he does not want to promote himself at the expense of his famous wife, so there are very few of his pictures on the actress’s personal blog.

Maria Kozhevnikova gets married with her husband
Maria Kozhevnikova marries Yevgeny Vasiliev – Instagram archive (banned organization in the Russian Federation)

But today the star of “Univer” made an exception and published a picture with Evgeny Vasiliev. “How did you meet your husband? Did you immediately realize that this is your person?‘ asked the fans. The actress replied that this did not happen immediately – but after four months.

Maria Kozhevnikova also named the date of the wedding – August 29, 2013, posting a picture in honor of this in a wedding dress.

Mariya Kozhevnikova
Mariya Kozhevnikova

By the way, perhaps many do not know, but Maria and Eugene are not officially married. They got married in August 2013 in St. Nicholas Cathedral in Nice, and only the parents, Maria’s brother Andrei and the closest family friends Lada and Vyacheslav Fetisov, who became the godfather of the eldest son of Maria and Evgeny Ivan, were present at the sacrament.
By the way, according to Maria Kozhevnikova, they live well without a stamp in their passport.

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