Dec 28, 2020
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Maria Kozhevnikova showed how her 3-year-old son first skated

20:17, 27.12.

The actress expressed the hope that her heirs will be able to create a legendary hockey team.

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36-year-old Maria Kozhevnikova brings up with her husband Evgeny Vasiliev three children. All the heirs of the couple are boys. The star of “Univer” gave birth to the first-born Ivan in 2014, just a year later the second son of the artist Maxim was born, and the youngest child Vasily Maria gave it to her husband in 2017. According to Kozhevnikova, children should be active from an early age, so the artist’s sons are not used to messing around. Boys are engaged in various sports sections and spend a lot of time playing outdoor games.

It is worth noting that love for sports is in the blood of Ivan, Maxim and Vasily. Grandpa boys Alexander Kozhevnikov, is a famous ice hockey player and Olympic champion. Even before the birth of her youngest son, Maria admitted that she dreamed of giving her sons to this particular sport. Today the actress shared the good news – the youngest of the guys was able to try his hand at the rink. Three-year-old Vasya put on his hockey uniform for the first time, picked up a stick and went to the ice. “The third one has gone. Today our Vasilek skates for the first time. Hurrah. The 3 year old Fighter is hardworking and tenacious. At the first training session, they were taught to fall and get up, “Kozhevnikova shared (the spelling and punctuation of the author are hereinafter given without changes. – Prim. line.).

The eldest son of Maria Kozhevnikova with his grandfather, Olympic ice hockey champion Alexander Kozhevnikov

Maria also added that she still dreams of a hockey team consisting of all three of her sons. “Let’s create three Vasilyev brothers! Go Russia. Dreams of creating a legendary team, like Grandpa had! Alexander Viktorovich Kozhevnikov, we will not let you down, ”the actress wrote in her microblog on Instagram. It is noteworthy that the eldest son of the actress fell in love with hockey at the age of one. In the photographs from the first match that Ivan saw in his life, the boy is fascinatedly watching the game with his star grandfather, in whose company he came to watch the competition.

Maria Kozhevnikova proudly shares the sports successes of her children and enjoys their love for an active lifestyle. However, outdoor games are not complete without injuries. So, at the beginning of this month, the middle son of the actress, five-year-old Maxim, received a serious facial injury. The boy was injured while playing on the street with his brothers. The guys were playing snowballs in the evening and running when the accident happened. Maxim bumped into a metal wire stretched above the ground. As a result, the star heir received a deep cut at eye level.

Vasily Kozhevnikov

Maxim was taken to the hospital, where they put special tightening plasters on his face. The parents of the injured child decided to refuse stitches – according to Maria, her son had survived enough in the evening without this painful procedure. A couple of days after the incident, the actress shared the details of Maxim’s condition. The artist said that they were very lucky, since the cut fell at a safe distance from the eye, and the child’s eyesight was not affected. Kozhevnikova was also deeply outraged by the negligence of people who left the wire in such an inappropriate place. Maria said that she was not going to get away with this.

Recall that in addition to acting, Maria is also involved in politics and public issues. In 2011, the artist joined the Young Guard organization, and soon became a confidant of the All-Russian Popular Front. In the same year, the star was nominated to the State Duma from the All-Russian Popular Front, and also took part in the primaries of United Russia in the city of Tomsk. At the moment, Kozhevnikova’s track record in this area includes many merits and initiatives.

Mariya Kozhevnikova

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