Sep 14, 2020
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Maria Kozhevnikova published a rare photo with her husband from vacation in Gelendzhik

04:40, 09/14/2020

The actress did not show the chosen one even on the day of their wedding anniversary, but she made an exception for the picture on the embankment of the resort town.

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35-year-old actress Maria Kozhevnikova and businessman Evgeny Vasiliev together for 7 years. The star of "Univer" met her chosen one at a party of their mutual friend, and the lovers first appeared in the world at the 35th Moscow Film Festival. The firstborn, Ivan, was born to the couple in January 2014, shortly after the wedding in the Russian Orthodox St. Nicholas Cathedral in Nice. The couple is also growing up 5-year-old Maxim and 2-year-old Vasiliy.

Maria Kozhevnikova with her family

Although Maria is an active Instagram user, she still prefers not to devote the public to some aspects of her life. For example, she still hides the visibility of her youngest son Vasily, and also very rarely publishes photographs in the company with her husband. So, for example, having posted on her microblog on Instagram a photo from the celebration of her 7th wedding anniversary with her husband, Maria did not publish a single photo with her husband. And in one of the pictures, she completely replaced him with a cardboard figure of the football player Lionel Messiah.

In one of the pictures from the anniversary celebration, Mary replaced her husband with a cardboard figure of Lionel the Messiah.

Now the star family is resting in the south of Russia. The day before, the artist decided to deviate from her own rules and published a photo in which she poses with her husband on the Gelendzhik embankment. “An amazing man took me to Gelendzhik! she persuaded her husband to ... PS For the first time here, everything is fine, but if the region invests a little more in this longest embankment in the world, then European resorts will have a real rival in the market and not only for Russian tourists, ”the actress signed her publication ( the spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given unchanged .-- Prim. line.).

Maria Kozhevnikova published a rare photo with her husband

According to Kozhevnikova, her chosen one is an infrequent visitor to her social networks because he really does not like to be photographed. He also tolerates publicity. In the program "Secret for a Million", the actress even admitted that Eugene considers PR on behalf of the famous second half a humiliation. To such a remark the actress was brought up by the question of the TV presenter, who decided to ask why the Univer star was hiding her lover.

“I don’t hide him, you know him for a long time. For him, this is not a comfortable state of publicity, this is not his environment. In general, he says that "man" and "publicity" are somehow, well ... Especially in PR at the expense of his wife. It is humiliating for him, ”Kozhevnikova said then in an interview with the host Leroy Kudryavtseva. In addition, at the beginning of the year, Maria ridiculed her husband's unwillingness to be photographed by publishing a photograph in which the businessman was captured in the company of her son. The boy also covered his face with his hand, following the example of his father.

Maria Kozhevnikova with her sons

It is interesting that the star couple did not officially formalize their relationship - Maria and Eugene went through only the wedding ceremony, bypassing the registry office. This fact is often reproached by the actress, but she does not give herself offense and always answers haters tartly. So, after celebrating the seventh wedding anniversary, the artist gave a decisive rebuke to her haters, who reproach her for allegedly still not married by law.

Maria Kozhevnikova with her family

“Thank you all for the touching congratulations and good wishes! I read everything. They will definitely come back to you like a boomerang! PS And also thank you, who continues to “worry” about me, two comments “about my husband is cunning” and “without a piece of paper we are insects” we laughed heartily! This means we will live even longer and even happier! " - Maria retorted then in response to the comments of Internet users.

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