Jan 27, 2021
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Maria Kozhevnikova on her husband’s birthday called him the most important person

01:28, 01/27/2021

The actress wished Yevgeny Vasiliev unlimited patience and luck.

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35-year-old actress Maria Kozhevnikova and businessman Evgeny Vasiliev together for seven years. The star of “Univer” met her chosen one at a party of their mutual friend, and the lovers first appeared in the world at the 35th Moscow Film Festival. Maria and Eugene still have not formalized their relationship, and the actress has repeatedly noted that the stamp in the passport does not matter to her. However, the lovers decided on another serious step – the wedding in an Orthodox monastery in Nice.

Today Maria addressed Eugene with words of love and gratitude. In his microblog in Instagram the actress congratulated her lover on his birthday and called him the most important person for her. “My kindred opposite, or rather a mirror image! We are so different and so close that these feelings do not fit into words! Thank you, husband, for taking my hand so quietly, tenderly, but confidently and not letting go for 10 years … Wise, ironic, strong-willed and decent, while, if anything, it will not seem enough to anyone. I am so femininely calm behind your back and I love your strong shoulder so much! And your condescension, which you show to my female delays and whims, is priceless! #Happy BirthdayFavourite! Good health, unlimited patience, luck and easy implementation of all your ideas and thoughts … Be happy, my most important person, friend and husband! ” written by the artist (spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given unchanged. – Prim. line.).

Maria Kozhevnikova on her husband’s birthday called him the most important person

Note that Kozhevnikova and Vasiliev are raising three sons. Firstborn Ivan was born in January 2014. Done later, Maxim appeared, and in 2017 – Vasiliy… Kozhevnikova devotes all her free time to boys and often shares his mother’s experience with subscribers of his microblog on Instagram, and also brags about the success of his offspring. It is known that the sons of the actress are actively involved in sports.

Senior Ivan attends five workouts a day, being carried away in various directions. The boy especially loves to kick the ball. But the actress dreams more that her sons would go in for hockey. The boys’ grandfather, Alexander Kozhevnikov, is a famous hockey player and Olympic champion. Therefore, even before the birth of her youngest son, Maria admitted that she plans to give her sons to this particular sport. At the end of December 2020, the actress announced that the younger Vasily for the first time put on a hockey uniform, picked up a hockey stick and went out on the ice.

Maria Kozhevnikova, Evgeny Vasiliev and their children

Maria also said that tries to teach boys to work from early childhood. According to the actress, the sons are always busy with something, even in the summer. During this period, they are actively helping their star mother grow vegetables in the garden. Kozhevnikova is confident that when they join the work on the ground, children respect work more and happily eat their own harvest.

Recall that Kozhevnikova and her family spent the New Year holidays in Penza with relatives. The actress was pleased with the trip, and her sons were delighted with the first train journey in their life. However, the holidays were overshadowed by the hospitalization of Maria’s father. Alexander Kozhevnikov was hospitalized on January 7: his cheek became inflamed, and after a few days his condition worsened. As a result, the man was taken to the hospital, where he was urgently operated on. Later, the actress said that doctors discovered inflammation in her relative.

The eldest son of Maria Kozhevnikova with his grandfather, Olympic ice hockey champion Alexander Kozhevnikov

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